Friday, December 15, 2006

Some PSP titles in review

Fight Night Round 3 - Great gameplay. Great control of the player. Great use of the psp buttons. Sound and the effect of punches are also good. The only thing that i didnt like with this game is that it becomes too easy when you get to learn to throw haymakers left and right. A bonus is Manny Pacquiao is playabale so you can beat Eric Morales again and again. Hehe. Playing hours should be atleast 8-10 hours before you get bored.s. Grade:4 out of 5 stars

Killzone: Liberation
- Great game play. Great game for a psp console. You wont have a hard time viewing this game because its on top view. This is a shooting game so if you are into fast phase shooting with some strategy on the side then this is a must game for you. I really enjoyed this game. Played all the mini levels- until i got all the guns maxed out. Then i finished the game twice. The challenges here pretty difficult. I had to play a part of this game about 30 times before i got it right. Grade: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
- Another good game. If your the kind of guy who just wants to kill anything that moves: be it by shooting it, smashing into it with your car, or bashing it with a golf club then you will really enjoy this game. Its a game where you can basically roam anywhere you like but it still has a storyline that you need to follow to get your character to get better/progress. The thing i like with this game is that you can takeover business and make a mafia like gang that you can call your own. There are some glitches though: the game hangs when you drive cars because i think the console cant take all the graphics all at the same time. Sometimes the viewing will be difficult because of the third person view of things. And there are some parts of the game that becomes redundant that it becomes boring, especially if you have played the other GTA games on the ps2 console. Grade: 4 out of 5 stars

SOCOM US Navy Seals: Fireteam Bravo 2
- Good game for about 4-5 hours then the game tend to become redudant. Great control but sometimes its hard to control your teammate. I experienced for myself one time when my teammate got stock on a wall. Damn! Rescuing and killing enemy soldiers, putting bombs and gathering intel are the things that make this game good. But as I said there was no good storyline that made a player stick to it. Grade: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Other Games up for reviews: Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Thrillville, Etc.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Atleast I know im reading it.

Well it has been weeks. yes weeks since my last post. im just enjoying myself here, back in manila, back with my love, back with my siblings, back with my friends, back to civilization baby. hehehe. i miss the drinking good old times with my homies. you know who you guys are. im starting to feel a bit sad because in a few days ill be back again in the province working-- but not playing. haha. well thats life.
It just got me thinking. what if i didnt pursue what im doing know. where the heck would i be and what the hell would i be doing? one things for sure. id be working within the family business but will i be enjoying the work? im not saying that i dont enjoy my life at it is. but there were mistakes really and there were mistakes there that i wish i never did. but that is that. i did the booboo i lived to blog about it.
The fun in blogging is really personal. well atleast for me. i dont care if no body reads this cause i know someone already had. me. and i enjoyed it. i really wana post a pic of my dog but im too damn lazy. laziness kills and makes ones blog boring. hehe.
Hope everything turns out well for my family. we are in a crossroads in terms of our businesses and i hope every each and one of us gets through this unscathed.
If not for a friends party this coming thursday id be on my way to the povince. but i dont want to miss that paaaarteyyyy. so work in the province should have to wait.
I have been downloading a lot lately because i miss the internet speed that ive been getting here in manila. hope i get the dough im waiting for so i can upgrade my internet access on the province. its insanely slow. well atleast there is a connection.
Thats all i have to say. really.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Havent posted for a very long time due to work. Well this is what i do. This is the thing that I am here in the province. Cant say more. Ill just blog it some other time. Laziness has suddenly hit me. Atleast, nakapagupdate. Hehe. See ya.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sleeping Stimpy

Well i have nothing else to post except this pic of stimpy sleeping beside me. Hehehe. Atleast may update kahit papaano.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Updated pic of Stimpy

He is so big and makulit! I still cant bring him with me in the province because he has one more shot left. I miss the dawg.


Well though i was not in manila when baygong Milenyo struck i was being updated by my sister. She mmsed me some pics of what happened to our old acacia tree infront of our house. Well, to tell the long story short. It came down, uprooted because of the strong winds. It fell on the electric cables so there's still no electricity in our house (its been 4 days now). It also fell across the street and struck the roof of our neighbor's house. And till now its still lying on the street so its still unpassable. Hehe. So here's the picture.
This picture shows that after a four day wait, the local government is now cutting up the tree for easier disposal.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Enjoying my PSP

I havent posted in a while now because of two things. 1. My internet connection in the province is horrendously slow and the 2. Im enjoying my PSP. For me, sulit talaga ang pagbili ko. So anyone out there that wants a PSP i suggest you buy one now until may 2.60 version stocks pa na pwede in downgrade to 1.5 so you can play games from your memory stick. Im sure Sony will release another newer firmware so better buy now!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

IN with the PSP out with the PS2

yes. i did it. i bought myself a psp. it was a fw 2.6 but i had it downgraded to 1.5! now i can play all the games i want. yayayayahooooooo! been ruining my eyes for the past week and hopefully continuing to do it in the future. hehehe. now that i have my psp, im offering my ps2 up for sale. I will include all my games and all my stuff for the ps2 like extra controller and a plastic box for the storage of the ps2 when it is not in use. So anyone interested give me a holler. tnx.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

7 Days and counting

I have been here in our remote (very!) province for 7 straight days now... I miss manila for many reasons:
1) I miss lea
2) I miss my family
3) I miss my new dog Stimpy!
4) I miss my barkada and friends
5) I miss DSL
6) Miss the good resto and food
7) Miss waking up around 8am (here i wake up 6am)
8) Miss going out and having acopol
9) Miss hanging out with lea and talking about anything. Now we talk via YM. NOT the SAME!
10) Miss SUN UNLIMITED. There is no signal here. Ganun kaliblib. Kelan kaya magkaroon dito?
11) Miss the house
12) Miss the City that never sleeps. Dito pota 9pm gabi na!
13) Any a million reasons more...
Well i hope I can really do this. I give myself till OCT to feel things out. Pag di kaya e di hindi kaya. Just waiting for our new school to start and im outta here!

P.S. Anyone of you selling your Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance SP, PSP. Contact me i really NEED such a device here to kill the slow ticking of time. Tick, tock, tick tock... ARGHHH.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Its Stimpy not Blaze!

Correction the name of my new dog is now Stimpy not Blaze. Na overrule ako ni lea and ni Dyan e! Hehehe, dahil mabait ako e pumayag na ako. Para wala ng away. So Stimpy welcome to the family!

Blaze the dAWg

Since ill be staying in the province pretty much, i decided that i needed a companion. So here comes the new dAWg in my life. He's name is Blaze. He is a boston terrier. He is officially my first dog. He's adorable. But when he plays with us, he bites, tender lang naman. So im training him not to do this. Bought him his own pet cargo and he stays there pretty much though the door is left open. He is not yet potty trained but im training him. Hope he grows up like Fireball, a very friendly, not a barker, timid but smart dog.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Stuck in the middle of the Province

Well im here in the province. Not in Cabanatuan but in Bongabon. Well atleast there is an internet connection here. But there is no cable tv. Unlike Cab where there are places i can go and friends to visit, here im just stuck inside the house. I wake up 6am and close the store around 530pm. That 11 and 1/2 hours of work for you. But I feel this is something I have to do to help my family and our future so I"ll do anything for us to make it. I just miss manila because my life is really there. But working here in bongabs is better than starving, or not contributing anything to my family so here I am. Kaya naman e. I"ll just take it one day at a time and everything will be all right. Buti nalang talaga my gf is understanding. Hehehe.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Electric Shaver

Wish I bought one of this sooner. It really made my mornings easier. Actually it give a pretty close shave. The only problem that i see is that the battery runs out fast. Maybe only good for 2-3 shavings (the manual said 7!). Well you can still use this thing while its still plugged so no problem if battery runs out. Or maybe i can use the 1 year warranty clause that comes with the shaver. But i dont it, sa pilipinas pa.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Just took a pic of a newspaper in iloilo. Never new this guy ko speak this dialect. hehehe

Fireball the Champion

I just want to share that our Pitbull Fireball has won another competition, besting over 80 other pitbulls. He has now won 2 dogshows and in both he emerged as 1.1st Place in his category 2. Best male in all male dogs in the show and 3 Best in show - the best dog male or female. He has more medals and trophies than all of us in the family combined. Talk about being insecure! haha. Here is a pic of him and his trophies...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

13 Hours of Blackout

What a day. My day started with a blackout around 6am in the morning. Had difficulty taking a bath because we have our own water pump that needs electricity. Had difficult eating or doing anything because there was no natural ligth that gets into my room because of reasons. I just went to the mall to look at our jewelry and enjoy the generator generated electricity inside the mall. Got home around 6pm and there was still no light. I tried sleeping it off but it was too damn hot. And fortunately around 650pm electricity was back. Times like this we can see how really important and dependent we are from electricty. Thats it. Just want to rant about my day.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joly is It!

While i was in the province i saw this new brand of cola drink! Its Suggested Retail Price is only 6 bucks. Pede na. Hehehe. I did not however taste it. So what are we waiting for? Lets Joly IT!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well after a week of waiting, yes a week because we were supposed to get our multicab last week but because of some problems in the engine we had to return it, it has finally arrived. The new addition to our family of cars... the Rice Delivery Van. Hehehe. I didnt know that i can get excited with having a new delivery van.
Well anyway, we can now deliver rice to anyone of you out there! So if you want high quality whole grain rice delivered right to your doorstep, dont hesitate to call me because now we can deliver it right away! Initially available in eastern metro manila only. hehe.

Dengue Alert

Just came back from the Hospital 3 hours ago. Lea got dengue and i stayed the night with her in the hospital. She had fever last wednesday and on sunday her nose bled and her platelet count started to dive. Thanks to Doc Elars help, we didnt worry too much because he was guiding us every step of the way. Just attended the wake of my friends dad late monday night because that was only my free night since Lea got sick. Condolences to her family. I wanted to go everynight to show my support but I wasnt able because of Lea's dengue. So to everyone out there take care of yourselves because dengue is just around the corner.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a great long weekend

It was a great long weekend spent with my barkada in Tagaytay. Thanks again Bny for being such a good host. It was great waking up seeing my friends and spending the whole day with them talking, joking around, and drinking ourselves to sleep. Hehe. Though some did not stay the whole weekend their it still good that they still went there for an overnight. Ill just share some pictures next time cause i didnt use my camera there. Nakakatamad and almost everyone there has one so whats the point?! Thanks ACP it was a blast! Till the next long weekend.

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Email Address

Hey friends i have a new gmail email account. I wont write the address down here but if you dont know what my new email addy here then just contact me. Thanks!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Detroit Wins

Well Detroit won. Atleast the series is more or less competitive again. Its better the lose 4-2 than 4-1. Well I hope they win another game in Miami. For Miami they should treat the next game as a game 7. You dont need to take a chance by playing a game 7 in rowdy-Detroit-fans-territory. Though I hope that Detroit wins... my heart goes for Payton, Anderson, J-Wil and Walker. Hope they get the chance to get an NBA trophy once in their career.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Damn Detroit!

Meeeeeeeennnn... I cant believe it. The Detriot Pistons has once again dug a deep deep whole for themselves. They are down 3-1 versus the unbelievable Miami Heat. I thought the Pistons would get a pretty decent fight from the Heat but being beaten black and blue.... its bad. I just hope that they can win two more games so that this series can go to a game 7. In game 7s anything can happen. Well i just wanna congratulate Tiu for believing Heat can do it. I just hope that the Pistons alteast put up a good fight. Lets see where the ball rolls in Game 5. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Archos AV420

Well here it is. This is my new gadget. Its similar to the Archos Gmini400 but with these few cool additions:
-3.5 inch of screen, BIG, BIG BIG!
-Has replaceable batteries, got a spare one!
-Can record videos like a VCR (thats why its calles a PVR-Personal Video Recorder)
-Also has a compact flash slot but the only difference now is that i have this converter that make it possible for me to copy a mmc, sd, sony memory stick contents right into my archos w/o a use of a computer.
-Also got an orig leather case that i can use as a stand
But ofcourse there are also negative things like:
-Its bigger -not that pocketable anymore but you can still carry it around.
-The cardle has soooo many wires. Not for the faint or heart. If you're not techy you'll be overwhelmed.
Well overall i'll say its way better!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

IPOD 4rth Gen for Sale!

Im selling a second hand IPOD-fourth generation-clickwheel-20gig. Its lea's and she is letting me sell it for her. Its still cosmetically great. Battery life is still great. There are also a free crystal case and free armband carrying case included. Price is 10,500 but thats still negotiable. Just contact me if you are interested. Nga pala comes with the box, manual, charger, etc. Complete.

Gadget Geeks

Here is the pic of the kiosk of my friends in 3rd floor Vmall in greenhills. They are situated directly outside of Odessy. Ano pa hinihintay niyo, bili na!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another gadget coming... And a pic

Well i have another gadget coming. I hope it goes as plan. I dont want to jinx it right now so i wont reveal first what the hell it is.

Also i just want to congratulate Bny and Yap for the opening of their store in v-mall. Its called GadgetGeeks. So if anyone of you wants accesories for your IPOD or PSP. Gadget Geeks is the place to go! They are located in VMall third floor.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kiddie pool

Yes i can feel the heat of summer! Its so hot specially in Metro Manila. So whats the best thing to do? Yes! Buy a kiddie pool. Yet, its not just like any other kiddie pool...Its Huge! hehe. Anyway I got the idea from Lea, her family bought a pool and we have enjoyed it already. Pawi talaga ang init. So i told this to my family, they got jelous so we bought our own. Been dreaaming of having a pool in our house, now we have though its small it suffices for relieving me of hot boring summer days. Ligo na!
Pics is a pic of leas pool, our is the same pero ala akong pic hehe. Fits 8 adults easy! 12 feet in diameter.

Monday, April 17, 2006

last for the day

not bad 50M PHP

On Average, You Would Sell Out For


another test

I will rule you!
In a Past Life...

You Were: A Blind Despot.

Where You Lived: North Africa.

How You Died: Buried alive.
Got this quiz from a friend of mine... I dont know whats the passing grade so ewan kung ok na to. Haha.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz
Your Porn Star Name Is...

Magic Johnson

Monday, April 10, 2006

Im back!

Im momentarily back from my long haitus from the province. I havent been updating my blog because there is no internet connection in my small town in the province. Well, are you gonna ask what i have been doing? Well let the pictures tell you. Here are some pictures of what i have encountered in the 2 plus weeks i have been in the province:
Here is what we do, buy onions from the farmers and segregate them.
Then we resack them. These are ready to be shipped to the storage for safekeeping for up to 6 months.
Here is a pic of how the farmers bring the onions to us via the so called "kuliglig" because thats what this thing sounds like on the road.
This is the smallest water melon i have seen in my life. Saw this thing lying in the middle of a farm.
Anyway, ill be off again in a while to go back to the province once again. Till my next blog! Hope it wont be that long of a wait.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tarantula Anyone?

Well i was browsing for anything useful and i came across thos ad selling tarantulas. Hehehe. I was intruiged so i texted the seller and asked how to take care of the big ass spider. he told me it was just easy. Just a small aquarium, a dish to hold water and some soil on it because the tarantula he was selling is a burrowing type. Anyway it was a Blue Cobalt Tarantula (inset). Then he told me that i just need to feed the critter twice a week. So because of his reply i really got interested. I asked for the price, ( the price posted was 2000) and he told me 1800 nalang daw. I told him ill just text him if i was really decided already. He said ok and that was that. Because I was really curious i browsed on the internet on how to take care of the tarantula, whats its temperment and the like. I found out that the said species is agreesive and is recomended only for expirience breeders. I also learned that if you drop these things, for example on the table down to the floor they will die within a week or so. Sensitive pala. But that wont be a problem cause i dont plan on handling the thing. Hehe. So now im undecided. Should i buy the critter or not?

The 4400

Men men men, i had just finished watching the 4400 season 2 and the only thing i could say is a am hoooooked. I dont want to say anything that might spoil anyone who hasnt watched it yets party but I do want to say that eason 3 looks exciting as hell! All the sneak previews that was left in the end of seanson 2 wants me to watch the upcoming season ASAP! But I dont think season 3 is downloadable now So now im off to crooked cops tale in the shield season 5! Just downloaded 8 episodes so far...looking to download the rest when i go back to DSL land!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cowon A2

Well I am an owner of a pvp (personal video player), the archos gmini 400. Well ive been using it for quite a while now and all i can say is that i am really satisfied with it. But because im only human you cant blame me for wanting more. Hehehehe.
Well the specs for my gmini400 are (ive made it simple so average joes can understand):
-2.5" screen
-20 gig capacity
-can play videos but i need to convert it to a specific avi format which the player can read
-can play mp3 and wma
-can view pictures from it
-you can attach this to the tv and watch your movies from the tv screen
-4+ hours of videos with the use of the battery
-9+hours for music

Well here naman are the specs of the COWON A2: (grabe ang lupit nito)
-4" screen
-20 gig and a 30 gig is also available
-can play videos you download from the net directly with out conversion because it already has a built in codec inside (will definitely shorten my the video-download-put-in-the-device-process)
-can play mp3 and wma and others thats not that important
-can view pictures on it
-fm radio
-has voice and fm recording function
-can be attach to the tv for viewing and NOTE THIS: record directly from TV. Wooouw
-10 hours for video playback
-18 hours for music playback
-has external speakers
-and carrying case that comes with the package.

Here is a pic of the cowon a2

And the good thing is its not that expensive the 20 gig cost around $340 and the 30 gig cost around $390. The bad thins is its only available internationally. So if anyone of you are going to the US. Please by me one! Babayaran ko kayo pagbalik niyo peksman!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cute Little Birds

Well one or our helpers found these baby birds on a nest a couple of days ago. What we did first was to put them on a cage. But we realized that the mother of the birds was still looking for its babies. So what we did was we transferred the baby birds in this open cage and we put it near the plant where our helper found the nest. Amazingly the mother bird did not mind the small change of place, it went on feeding the small baby birds, even right in front of our eyes. Its really cool! Hehe. Here directly at the back of the plastic cage was the plant where our helper found the two baby birds.

16 blocks

Yesterday my girlfriend and i decided to watch a movie to let time pass. We decided on watching Last Holiday but unfortunately, we were late for its screening so we decided to watch 16 blocks instead. At first i thought it woul d be just a typical Bruce Willis movie, gunfire and dead bodies everywhere ala Die Hard. But i was mistaken. The movie was better than expected. There was a story and it was entertaining enough that my girlfriend stayed awake the whole movie! She usually doze off when we watch this typical action films. Hehe. Well i recommend you watch this movie if you dont have anymore movies to watch. P.S. Side note Dont watch the Date Movie thing: acccording to my brother its full of crap. Di pa nakakatawa.
I give this 16 blocks 4 out or 5 stars for entertainment value. I am not an expert I just base my rating of personal taste.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Got this speaker for my Archos. Well I say its doing its job! No batterries required! Kewl.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Gigantic Turon!

I wanted mirienda this aternoon and i told my driver and manager in one to buy me turon. And when he came back.... WUUUUUOOOOOOW what a gigantic turon. And this one only cost me 15 bucks. Hehehe. I did not finish it and laki naman kasi e! Look at the size of this sh!t compared to my cellphone! hahaha. And its damn heavy.

Anyway, i also visited my friend anna's multiply and got this favorite picture of mine of the birthday celeb of shoty and kaye. Thanks guys! Guess why i like this. Its because of the monay! hindi pandesal. Hekhek. And hindi ko na to matandaan.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

National Georaphic Special

Last friday, Shoty Pua celebrated his birthday in 4xForce in Gilmore ave. As an added entertainment, the owner of the bar gave their pet snake a treat. The albino phyton was given two chickens to eat. Well here is a pic of a chicken being sqeezed to death. I had no chance of getting a picture of the chicken being swallowed because at that time ( the snake really took its time, a tagal) I wasnt already getting drunk! hehehe.


Last thursday as i was going to manila I saw this weird scene, a car with a toy sword on top of its compartment. The driver abviously didnt know that his son or neighbor had put the damn thing on top of his car. Made me laugh. Just wanna share.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Pit bull pups

Well last chinese new year, our two dogs went into labor. One named charlotte bore 6 pups, unfortunatley one died during birth, sayang. Then our other dog named maui bore 10, yes ten pups whom all survived. Well anyway after three weeks of taking care of these adorable pups i had the chance of taking a picture of them. These pictures were taken inside our house because these pups (the sons and daughter of charlotte) are somewhat spoiled. During the afternoons they would cry because of the heat. So what we would do is take all of them and get them into this big planggana and place them beside an electric fan. These pups have brought so much happiness in our house that im really gonna be sad when they go to there new owners and families. Well, these pups are for sale. They are kind of expensive because they are sired by two imported parents. The other 10 pups are also for sale but for lesser price because they are only sired by local parents. If you are interested, just email me and we can talk about how to take care of them and such.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gallera Trip

Anyway, i recently went to gallera with lea and my older bro. He went with his girlfriend. And her girlfriend is accompanied by her sister and her sister's boyfriend. It was a fantastic trip because we just lounge around and relaxed the whole weekend when we were there. Well here are some pics. I took thess pics with lea's camera and we made some effects regarding color etc.
It was a trip worth to remember. Hope can go there again soon.

New Gadget

Finally, after a long long long wait i have one! I have a laptop. Though its only second hand. Its still my first and im very happy with it. Well I wasnt really looking for a laptop or planning on buying. Though i really want one i cant really afford it. But I saw this mean machine on ebay in such a bargain price i cant resist to urge to get the steal of the century. The seller was a very honest and accomadating ebayer. He even helped me on a little problem after the sale was finish and done with. Thanks Bong!
Well its a Compaq Armada M300. Well though it only runs on Pentium III it has done what i have wanted it to do. It has built in modem, runs on XP, has 2 usb ports, infrared. That really all that i need. It aslo has a built it ethernet port, which i wasnt really expecting. And thanks to my barkada BNY, it has also become wi-fi ready (through a pcmcia port card)!
Well here is the pic the new member of my geek family.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

motorola a630

Hey, i have a new gadget, its only a new cellphone actually. Its the motorola a630 its a qwerty phone that opens up like a laptop. Astig. I got it from an american named bob. I met him in bf, yes i went there just to buy this phone. He was friendly and accomodating. He helped and thought me the ins and outs of operating the phone. When i saw this beauty for the first time i wanted to buy it right there and then. But ofcourse i needed to check if there is something wrong with the phone. So i stayed there in mcdo in sucat road with bob just checking out if its really a great buy. Well, because the phone is with me now, its pretty obvious that i bought the phone. I enjoyed it the whole day. But when it was time to charge the phone. The freakin thing wont charge!!! I thought i had become a victim, and that what i was holding was a 9000 peso paper weight. First i panicked and texted bob asap asking why the phone wasnt charging. He replied to me that maybe it was just the charger. Bu of course i didnt believe him. i really thought that i have been had. So the next morning i immediately went to the mall to get it fixed. I was right, it wasnt the charger. It was the phone itself! Damn! So im warning you guys if ever you are buying phone from strangers try charging it! The first phone fixer that i went to wont even want to check out wants wrong becasue he was not familiar with the unit. During that time a really wanted to kill myself. Then I went to another phone technician and he checked it and informed me that there was a slight chance that he can fix the phone and that he had already encountered a phone like mine and he managed to fix it. I was temporarily relieved. Then hw went to work. I checked the battery, not the battery, checked the charger, not the charger. Opened up the phone... doodled with the keypad...made remarks here and there and then we really went to work. He opened up the phone, used his soldering iron twice. And then checked if it was charging. Lo and behold... IT WAS! Hooo i sigh of relief. All 1 minute of soldering cost me 800 bucks with one month warranty. Pretty stiff for the amount of work but pretty cheap for the relief it gave me. Well here are the lessons i learned from this expirience. 1) check the phone you are buying and try charging it before buying it! 2) dont be so niave and trust anyone who is friendly 3) charge this phone oh so lightly to avoid diconnecting the charger port. 4) my new phone cost me not 9200 but 10000 because i had to get it fixed. Well here are some pics of the phone. Disregarding the traumatic expirience, the phone is worth every penny!