Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sleeping Stimpy

Well i have nothing else to post except this pic of stimpy sleeping beside me. Hehehe. Atleast may update kahit papaano.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Updated pic of Stimpy

He is so big and makulit! I still cant bring him with me in the province because he has one more shot left. I miss the dawg.


Well though i was not in manila when baygong Milenyo struck i was being updated by my sister. She mmsed me some pics of what happened to our old acacia tree infront of our house. Well, to tell the long story short. It came down, uprooted because of the strong winds. It fell on the electric cables so there's still no electricity in our house (its been 4 days now). It also fell across the street and struck the roof of our neighbor's house. And till now its still lying on the street so its still unpassable. Hehe. So here's the picture.
This picture shows that after a four day wait, the local government is now cutting up the tree for easier disposal.