Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Ang anak ni Inday. Ang saya may baby na kami sa bahay. IIspoilin namin tong batang ito. Hehehe. Cute no? Pano kaya si Inday nagkaanak ng ganito? Hehehe. JOKE.

My Metal Case

My metal case just arrived last week. It took 10 days for it to arrive. What can i say... a perfect fit! My only problem is that when i recieve a call...there is a loud buzz because of the case. Now if i recieve a call i need to slide to phone up halfway to eliminate the buzzing sound.

Well anyway im still satisfied with my purchase. I just hope that i can do something about that buzzing sound. Its pretty irritating and its a pain to slide to phone up when i recieve a phone call.

Pity for Philipine Basketball

Talaga naman nangarap pa tayo e no. Jordan lang talo tayo. And to think we have our own proffesional leauge. Come to think of it. Thats our downfall. Feeling natin magagaling tayo kasi may PBA. Pero isa import lang per team e ang laki na ng difference sa leauge! Tapos ang galing pa ng coach na kinuha natin. Nakakalungkot. Pero lets just face it na talagang pang SEA games lang ang galing natin. Hehehe. Our Philippine Team suck pero i like their heart. Its not the fault of the players. The fault lie in that we are dreaming a dreamers dream. Feeling pa talaga natin mag OLYMPICS. Ang kailangan natin reality check. Hehehe.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ALPS Tutorial Center

We are now open. Fully air-conditioned rooms! Room renovated primarily to provide a conductive learning environment. Just 5 mins away from Xavier and ICA

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Shield Season 6

Sprained my right ankle yesterday, i dont know why because I just sat the whole afternoon. Woke up today and i cant stand or walk without it hurting. Dammit. So with nothing else to do i grabbed my stash of cds where i burned my copies of The Shiled Season 1 and 2and started watching it again. I really like this series. Bad cop doing some good on the side. Parang parak sa Pilipinas! Hehe. I have watched each and every episode of this from Season 1 to 5. I have been waiting for season 6 for the longest time and guess what?..... what?! Its out! Its in its 10th episode! Better start downloading! By the way this series stars The Thing from Fantastic Four.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Bought this item on ebay for my hp6965

Bought this metallic casing from ebay.com recently for $10 plus $5 dollars for shipping. Paid it immediately via paypal and the email from the seller told me that it will take 10-14days for my shipment to arrive. Hope it gets here in one piece! Had to resort to buying off on ebay because i have been having trouble finding accessories for my beloved hp6965. I saw one in a greenhills shop but it costs almost 2000php so i decided that shopping off ebay was more tipid. Will update again with actual pictures when my casing arrives.