Sunday, February 26, 2006

National Georaphic Special

Last friday, Shoty Pua celebrated his birthday in 4xForce in Gilmore ave. As an added entertainment, the owner of the bar gave their pet snake a treat. The albino phyton was given two chickens to eat. Well here is a pic of a chicken being sqeezed to death. I had no chance of getting a picture of the chicken being swallowed because at that time ( the snake really took its time, a tagal) I wasnt already getting drunk! hehehe.


Last thursday as i was going to manila I saw this weird scene, a car with a toy sword on top of its compartment. The driver abviously didnt know that his son or neighbor had put the damn thing on top of his car. Made me laugh. Just wanna share.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Pit bull pups

Well last chinese new year, our two dogs went into labor. One named charlotte bore 6 pups, unfortunatley one died during birth, sayang. Then our other dog named maui bore 10, yes ten pups whom all survived. Well anyway after three weeks of taking care of these adorable pups i had the chance of taking a picture of them. These pictures were taken inside our house because these pups (the sons and daughter of charlotte) are somewhat spoiled. During the afternoons they would cry because of the heat. So what we would do is take all of them and get them into this big planggana and place them beside an electric fan. These pups have brought so much happiness in our house that im really gonna be sad when they go to there new owners and families. Well, these pups are for sale. They are kind of expensive because they are sired by two imported parents. The other 10 pups are also for sale but for lesser price because they are only sired by local parents. If you are interested, just email me and we can talk about how to take care of them and such.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Gallera Trip

Anyway, i recently went to gallera with lea and my older bro. He went with his girlfriend. And her girlfriend is accompanied by her sister and her sister's boyfriend. It was a fantastic trip because we just lounge around and relaxed the whole weekend when we were there. Well here are some pics. I took thess pics with lea's camera and we made some effects regarding color etc.
It was a trip worth to remember. Hope can go there again soon.

New Gadget

Finally, after a long long long wait i have one! I have a laptop. Though its only second hand. Its still my first and im very happy with it. Well I wasnt really looking for a laptop or planning on buying. Though i really want one i cant really afford it. But I saw this mean machine on ebay in such a bargain price i cant resist to urge to get the steal of the century. The seller was a very honest and accomadating ebayer. He even helped me on a little problem after the sale was finish and done with. Thanks Bong!
Well its a Compaq Armada M300. Well though it only runs on Pentium III it has done what i have wanted it to do. It has built in modem, runs on XP, has 2 usb ports, infrared. That really all that i need. It aslo has a built it ethernet port, which i wasnt really expecting. And thanks to my barkada BNY, it has also become wi-fi ready (through a pcmcia port card)!
Well here is the pic the new member of my geek family.