Sunday, January 29, 2006

motorola a630

Hey, i have a new gadget, its only a new cellphone actually. Its the motorola a630 its a qwerty phone that opens up like a laptop. Astig. I got it from an american named bob. I met him in bf, yes i went there just to buy this phone. He was friendly and accomodating. He helped and thought me the ins and outs of operating the phone. When i saw this beauty for the first time i wanted to buy it right there and then. But ofcourse i needed to check if there is something wrong with the phone. So i stayed there in mcdo in sucat road with bob just checking out if its really a great buy. Well, because the phone is with me now, its pretty obvious that i bought the phone. I enjoyed it the whole day. But when it was time to charge the phone. The freakin thing wont charge!!! I thought i had become a victim, and that what i was holding was a 9000 peso paper weight. First i panicked and texted bob asap asking why the phone wasnt charging. He replied to me that maybe it was just the charger. Bu of course i didnt believe him. i really thought that i have been had. So the next morning i immediately went to the mall to get it fixed. I was right, it wasnt the charger. It was the phone itself! Damn! So im warning you guys if ever you are buying phone from strangers try charging it! The first phone fixer that i went to wont even want to check out wants wrong becasue he was not familiar with the unit. During that time a really wanted to kill myself. Then I went to another phone technician and he checked it and informed me that there was a slight chance that he can fix the phone and that he had already encountered a phone like mine and he managed to fix it. I was temporarily relieved. Then hw went to work. I checked the battery, not the battery, checked the charger, not the charger. Opened up the phone... doodled with the keypad...made remarks here and there and then we really went to work. He opened up the phone, used his soldering iron twice. And then checked if it was charging. Lo and behold... IT WAS! Hooo i sigh of relief. All 1 minute of soldering cost me 800 bucks with one month warranty. Pretty stiff for the amount of work but pretty cheap for the relief it gave me. Well here are the lessons i learned from this expirience. 1) check the phone you are buying and try charging it before buying it! 2) dont be so niave and trust anyone who is friendly 3) charge this phone oh so lightly to avoid diconnecting the charger port. 4) my new phone cost me not 9200 but 10000 because i had to get it fixed. Well here are some pics of the phone. Disregarding the traumatic expirience, the phone is worth every penny!

Monday, January 09, 2006

New Year

Well, happy new year to all! I just want to say that im glad 2005 is now officially over and all of us have another new year to look forward to. I havent been seeing my barkada recently because i was busy entertaining my cousins from the states whos all here because of the wedding of oine of our cousins. Im trully enjoying my time with my cousins because we only get to see each other on only two occasions: wedding or a funeral. Weird huh? I hope we can spend more time with them but unfortunately their leaving for the states later in the afternoon. Well, better having them here for a couple of weeks than none.