Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Enjoying my PSP

I havent posted in a while now because of two things. 1. My internet connection in the province is horrendously slow and the 2. Im enjoying my PSP. For me, sulit talaga ang pagbili ko. So anyone out there that wants a PSP i suggest you buy one now until may 2.60 version stocks pa na pwede in downgrade to 1.5 so you can play games from your memory stick. Im sure Sony will release another newer firmware so better buy now!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

IN with the PSP out with the PS2

yes. i did it. i bought myself a psp. it was a fw 2.6 but i had it downgraded to 1.5! now i can play all the games i want. yayayayahooooooo! been ruining my eyes for the past week and hopefully continuing to do it in the future. hehehe. now that i have my psp, im offering my ps2 up for sale. I will include all my games and all my stuff for the ps2 like extra controller and a plastic box for the storage of the ps2 when it is not in use. So anyone interested give me a holler. tnx.