Tuesday, September 29, 2009

N800 screenshots

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nokia Internet Tablet N800

I recently purchased a second hand NIT (Nokia Internet Tablet). It was well taken care of and was still in fairly good condition. Since my purchase... I cant put it down! It was fairly useful to me. I can check the net on the go... I dont have to have my big laptop to lug around. It has a fairly good media player... so i can listen to music with it too. I popped in my 16gig SDHC and it is working perfectly with it... I still have 10 gig of free space left!

The best of all... the software for it is... wait for it... FREE. Yes absolutely free. As of now there are 400+ programs for it. Im checking them one by one. But as of now these are some useful apps i use:

FBreader- for my ebooks... (current book Clear and Present Danger)
Midori - best browser that works with facebook and mafiawars. LOL
Radio Streaming - now i can listen to my favorite radio programs.. like dos por dos (dzmm) anytime.

Battery life is so far satisfactory. No complains because im always near an outlet anyway.

Thing I want to do is pair it with my phone so i can use it as modem. Tried once but failed. I will try again any day now.

Monday, September 07, 2009

i780 upgrade update

I have successfully upgraded my i780 to the latest 6.1 rom. But the problem of my disappearing mouse is still here. I dont get it! I have read that some people who have successfully upgraded their phone have no problem like I have. Hmmm. Anyways, i dont miss it that much. Sanay na e.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Ready to update my Samsung i780 AGAIN

Ok im not updating to 6.5 only to another 6.1 official release. But this will update my phone from i780PDXHL2 to i780PDXIB1.

For this i will follow my instructions again. Here is the official i780PDXIB1 installer.

Modem drivers:
For XP
For Vista


1) download modem drivers then install.
2) download installer
3a) backup your data (phone if you want)
*optional 3b)hard reset phone prior the the upgrade. your previous tweaks may not work for 6.1 and can cause conflicts.
4) connect i780 to the pc via active sync
5) click installer
6) follow instructions.
7) after all the instructions your phone will reset then you will see it updating if after reset the phone does not upgrade trying switching to another usb and repeat step 5)
8) after installation of 6.1 unplug the connection turn the phone on.
9) tada your on 6.1

Lets see if this solves my mouse problems.
Will update you once i finish. Wish me luck!