Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meme sa FB

Kulit ,alaga ng mga memevsa fb. Haha.

Thursday, October 01, 2015 experience

I bought a HDMI to RCA cable on in Ortigas Ave last August 2015, unfortunately what I got was a HDMI to RGV cable. So I went back there today to have it replaced.

The first lady who was manning the electronics etc section was not helpful at all. She keeps on insisting that the 7 day replacement was over and she cannot replace my item. But I insisted that what they gave me was a HDMI to RGV cable, not the one described in my receipt. She keeps on insisting that she cannot replace it and I am stuck with the item but I told her that I was not there to have the item refunded or replaced, I just want them to give me the item I paid for and was on my receipt, a HDMI to RCA cable. I told her it was NOT MY FAULT that they misdescribed the item they were selling.

To make the long story short, I asked to speak to a manager and fortunately, the manager understood my plight. It was not my fault they do not know what product they where selling. I just wanted to get what I had paid for.

Since they do not have a real HDMI to RCA cable, they offered me to just change my item, which I accepted.

So kudos to the manager and a big booo to the sales lady who does not know how to speak to a customer like me.

The lesson here is to keep your receipt and to insist on your right as a consumer. If my receipt clearly states that I got a HDMI to RGV cable, I wouldn't contest it. And I wouldn't even buy it in the first place.

So the thank you for having an understanding manager. Sorry I did not get his name. But the salesperson he assigned to me was very helpful.Thank you Lovely. You still manage to keep me as a customer.

Monday, September 21, 2015


 I don't think we should allow "Americans" on Malacanang our Presidential Palace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Review of Huawei Honor X2 (Mediapad X2)

This will be my review of the Huawei Honor X2 or internationally known as Mediapad X2.



I got my unit from a friend that went to China since I cannot wait for it to come out locally. It came with a standard 2A charger and chord. If you are reading this review I'm sure you don't need the basic stuff as you already know it.I got the model GEM703L which works here in the Philippines. It has 3gig of RAM and 16gig of ROM, which is expandable by micro SD card up to 128gig. I haven't tried that since I only got a 32gig micro SD card.

Well its BIG. Comparing it to my Galaxy Note 2 it is huge! Though I can handle it easily by one hand, YOU CANNOT USE IT WITH ONLY ONE HAND, unless you are Shaq.
Screen is bright and crisp. I love the screen. I bought it for its huge screen and I'm not disappointed. Viewing angle is good.

Call quality is also excellent. I use a Bluetooth phone since I don't want to put this over my face. Hehe.

Battery is superb. I'm a heavy user and this phone last me till night time.  Comparing to the Note2 which would only last me up to 3pm this is a blessing. 
6 hours of screen time! 

It's my first time to use Emui, Huawei's launcher and I like it a lot! It has so many optimizations that I haven't tried it all. One that I particularly like is that I can control what app starts up or remain close till I wan
t to use it.
Camera on this thing is also good. It take good photos and decent enough videos. I particularly like its super night mode and beauty mode which removes blemishes on one's face. Hehe.
Sounds is loud enough for enjoying YouTube and videos.

WiFi strength is great and holds on to the connection. Way better than my Note 2.
WiFi Router is on the 2nd floor and still WiFi strength is good.

Now we go to things that I don't like. 1st is even though it has a huge screen, apps recognize your phablet as a phone. So for example in Hay Day you get a side street store with only 1 column instead of 2 columns that you get when you use a tablet. 2nd thing that annoys me is the placement of the 2nd sim slot and the micro SD slot. They put these two together on a single tray. So either you expand your memory or you use that tray for a 2nd sim (nano). Why Huawei? Why?

Overall I'm thrilled with this amazing phablet. I like super big phones so this suits me. This is not for everyone because of its size but if you want to carry your phone and your tablet wherever you go like me, this was made for you.

If you believe in benchmarks this phablet placed 3rd overall just below MX4 and the Note4.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I'll try my best to answer your questions.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Xiaoyi Xiaomi Security Camera

I have this awesome gadget and I just want to share the app you can use to use this with your Android or iOS device. This is a Chinese made app so it is very hard to find the app on both the app store and on the play store as you need Chinese characters to find the app.

For Android. Just download it from my dropbox account. Dont worry even if this is an old version of the app, it will ask for an update once you have installed it. Download it here

For iOS it is very hard to find it but it is in the App store. Just make sure you are in iPhone app only then search for 360ants. Edited. Now the keyword for searching for the app is xiaoyi, and looks like this:

Just comment below if I have helped you in some way. Thank you!

Casio CA-506, how to change to am pm mode to military and vice versa

Had a hard time doing this and saw nothing on the net. I had to guess how to do it by pushing the calculator buttons on my watch.

So I decided to write a short how to so you can do it easily without reverting back to your manual.

Step 1

Push the adjust button, the one that's colored silver.

Step 2

Once you have done this, the hour button will blink. Just press the button + and it will shift from military mode to am/pm mode. Thats it.

Additional info. If you want to see the date on this watch just press the divide button,

Hope this helped you somehow. Hehe