Friday, December 26, 2008

Seasons Greetings to All!

Merry Christmas everybody and Happy New Year too! Spending the day with my wife and her family. My first Christmas spent away from my mom and siblings. Bawi nalang sa New Year. Thats about it. 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Gadget: Sciphone i68+

I got tired of lugging around 2 phones so I bought a dual sim dual standby phone. And because Im me, I bought an Iphone clone to boot. Hehe. Here are pictures of the phone with SUN and GLOBE sim card inserted. Here is a very short review of the unit.

-Its quadband ( I dont know if its true)
-Its ad2p bluetooth compatible
-Comes with two batteris
-Shake function for music (useful) and wallpaper (not useful)
-Has g-sensor for clips and picture viewing
-Dual sim dual standy

-Forgettable camera and camcorder
-Hard to configure mms or wap or gprs for SUN
-Need to convert videos to a specific low res mp4 for it to be playable
-Battery life is good only for 1 day of heavy use or 2 days of light use (thank you for the extra batt!)
-Need to input Contacts twice, one for text messages recognition and another phone calls recognition.

Overall -- I think i can live with this phone but ill still keep my i780 for my pda needs.

Nba fantasy update #3

I'm now on 2nd place wahooo! The first round of our schedule is now ending and its great to have at least a positive standing.

Anyway, I still havent had the chance to use my lineup at full strength because of injuries. Up to now I still have another player injured, Carlos "lampa Mo!" Boozer. An injury that was first diagnoze for 10 days now is over a month already. Dammit. Boozer is a big help on the rebound and scoring department and now im having a hard time winning these stat lines. Had to vastly tweak my lineup for my team to remain competitive. Got Rodney Stuckey of the waivers and he is helping me on my assists. Also got Jameer Nelson off waivers and he is really a big surprise. Ill never drop him again ever. Magic is winning because of him right now.

Zach Randolph is helping me bigtime with his fantasy line. With Kaman now gone from my lineup and with Boozer out of service its a good thing the Zach is having a career year. Anyways I'd also like to thank my old reliables namely, Tim Duncan, Antawn Jamison, Dirk Nowitski, and Rey Allen.

I hope this guys get their normal contributions: Allen Iverson (still playing subpar or he is just really getting older?), Michael Redd (please no more injuries and please watch your FGs %), and Andrei Kirilenko (Hey where is your usual 10, 5,5, 1,1? Do it now your killing me!)

The big surprises on my line up are: Kevin Durant (thank you for the extra stats other than points), Mike Bibby (its like your 2002-2005 season again!), and TJ Ford (my steal of the draft).

Goodbye to these guys. Marquis Daniels (love your game but I need a C on my lineup), Taddeus Young ( I need more than a scorer), and Samuel Dalembert (need consistency from you brotha, where is your rebounds!?)

Welcome to Kendrick Perkins my new addition. He's still on probation. Havent used him in a game so far.

Good luck to all of us in our family league! Happy new year!

My Blog an attack site...WTF!!!???

What the hell is this?! Now no one will ever read my blog. Google has put an attack warning on my blog so im sure no one will be reading this anymore except myself... for now. I hope google re-evaluate my site, I had to erase some links and posts because according to google i am spreading malware. I dont even no what the hell is that. I have checked my machine for malware and I dont have any on mine. Ive visited my site a thousand times and if im distributing malware then my machine should have been infected by now. Anyway, I will not stop me from posting. So to those who dare... Ill still be writing and blogging away.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

JinPeng E1181--- a unique china phone

It has a detachable camera... which you can still use even if its detached from the phone! I hope the big manufacturers can copy this concept.


FOR SALE: 2nd hand Samsung i320

Selling my beloved Samsung i320 wm5 smartphone. Its well taken care of and ofcourse no defects. Im kinda lazy to post it all over again so im just providing a link for the pictures and the details here
Anyone intersted just holla back!

Waiting for my future gadgets

Bought an mp4 player (via international seller) and a phone (thru a local seller though im paying for the item tom) for myself this Christmas. Cant wait for it. Got it for a bargain. I will update once I get it and will post a mini review of the items here.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Upcoming N97

This phone looks very promising that its now possible for me to own a Nokia phone again (after my Nokia 3230).

Here are the specs...
* 3.5″, 640 x 360 resistive touch screen
* QWERTY keyboard
* Tri-band HSDPA 3G
* 802.11 b/g WiFi
* A-GPS and Stand-alone GPS for directions and geo-tagging
* 32GB Built-In Memory
* microSD expansion support for ADDITIONAL 16GB
* 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics
* Flash Lite 3.0 support and Flash Video in web browser
* Music player up to 36 hours playback time
* Share and Ovi services support

This is scheduled to be released during the first half of 2009 and will have an approximate price of $700 or Php 34,000 ( in todays exchange rate).

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sorry Friends

Because my Angkong died, all of us in the family are in mourning therefore we cant attend birthdays and wedding celebrations. Malas daw according to chinese beliefs. Unfortunately I have 2 of my close friends having their weddings this December. So to you guys Im sorry I wont be able to attend your weddings. Sayang talaga pero baka malasin pa kayo kung magattend ako so sorry my friends. Kita kita nalang tayo after my 49 days of mourning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Angkong.

Last Nov 20, 2008 my angkong grandad died at the ripe age of 90. Though all of us knew about it, it still came unexpectedly. Death is reallly something you can't really accept. Sorry for being incoherent but that's what I feel inside. Happy because my angkong is now in heaven with God but sad because we shall never see him again. He is the HEAD of the LIM Family, with him gone its like we are all at a lost. Sayang at hindi pa niya naabutan ang kanyang pinakabagong apo. Hay... We love you Angkong. You will always be in our hearts. Hope that I can make you proud someday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LIMFAMILY League Update

Entering Our 2nd week I finally one a H2H match. Got a record of 5-4 so my overall record is now 9-9. Glad I got a win already because last season I did not win a matchup till the 2nd round! Need assists and steals right now for my team to really compete. Anyone of my cousins up for a trade? Hehe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NBA Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

Finally our Cousin League have began last week. I'll put my lineup here next time. To cut it short for now, I lost my first Head2Head match by one point. My record now is 4-5. Actually all the Head2Head matches on our leauge finished with identical records for the winners(5-4)and the losers (4-5). Pretty competitive league to me. I hope I win this coming week. More updates in the future.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Chinese General Hospitl--- Hospital FROM HELL

Please if you are going to be confined in a Hospital, dont ever make it Chinese General Hospital.

My Angkong (Grand dad father side) was confined there for almost two weeks. What we experienced from going there and visiting our Angkong was pure HELL. The nursing staff were all rude and not helpfull. Please dont enter this noble profession kung pera lang habol mo! They treated our Angkong like he was not a person in need of caring but a person that they need to "fix" so that they can get their next paycheck. Because of their lack of human respect for my Angkong the family decided to get a private nurse. But once we did this they stopped doing their job and instead made our private nurse do their JOB. What the F*kc!? She is our nurse not YOURS!
Billing out was the worst thing. Its like they dont want you to leave. Checkout was 12pm, my Aunt go to the cashier around 12:15pm because our attending doctor, who had to sign my Angkong's release got in the hospital from hell late. They billed us for another day! 15mins late and they bill you for another days stay? Thats 4 thousand pesos down their filthy pockets! And not only that. They made us wait for our bill for 3 hours. POTA we are paying, we are not a charity case and you make us wait for 3 freaking hours? IF they treat their paying customers this way imagine how they treat the less fortunate.
Then there was the blood test incindent. My Ankong needed blood. So ofcourse the best thing to do was that one of us to donate. We sent them 6 of us and ALL of them got rejected. But all of them have previously donated blood before. As one of my cousin reasoned out to the staff... " BAt ako rejected e nakapagdonate naman na ako dati sa Cardinal Santos?" The staff said without batting an eyelash " E di dun ka magdonate." Is this a correct answer of a service oriented employee? Dont management atleast try to teach their staff some good manners and people skills? Bottomline, they dont want our blood, they want our money.
So if ever you need to go to a hospital DONT LET IT BE CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL. My family have stayed longer in a Hospital before namely Cardinal Santos Hospital and we never ever got treated this way.
So to the management and staff and the security guards and nurses there in CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL, I only have one advice for you all: IF you ever get sick and need medical attention, give yourself some respect and DONT confine yourself there. You might want to punch and kick yourself.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Xbox 360 games galore

Wahooo there are so many good games that came out this month of October. I hope every month is like this! Hehehe. Obviously its because of the upcoming holiday season. Here are some games that I playing right now and some games that Im going to buy when I get back to Manila.

NBA 2K9 ----
I like it A LOT! A LOT! I am an avid NBA fan and having this game is a must for me. Commentators, player movements, dunks, sounds are all superior. There is only one thing I dont like. AI is sooo damn good. Once you leave a player open even if its only a bench player they will swish it. Opponents will always have a big run and they will sink every shot. And im only playing the third to the highest level of difficulty. I have mastered NBA 08 AI and this one AI is much much better. I play it more and Ill see if I can adjust. If not then I'll just lessen the difficulty level. Hehe.

Dead Space----
Horror shit. This game scares the hell out of me. Very nice graphics and superb sound, making the game scarier. The monsters in the game are very twisted and sickening. You kill them by dismembering its hands or feet. Dont play with the lights out. Gore galore! Difficulty is up there. A must buy for horror genre fans out there.

Quad bike racing arcade style. I like. No simulation here. Its pure adrenalin, jump, air, and severe wipeouts. You get to upgrade your quadbike and honestly I dont see the point. I dont feel the upgrade but the physical appeal of the upgrades is what makes it worthwhile. Graphics and sounds are great!

Brothere in Arms- Hells Highway----
WWII galore. You have teammates to help you. AI is at its best. If you dont take cover, you will die for sure. Story is very engaging. You will love the characters. If you are a fan of first person shooting game then you have to add this to your collection.

Saints Row 2----
Havent played it yet but the video review in IGN makes this promising.

Star Wars The Force Unleashed-----
The force is strong in this one... I have only played the first stage of the game and it looks superb. You get to swing you light saber and use the force on all the storm troppers out there. Hahaha.

Fallout 3-----
Will buy i once in manila

Far Cry 2-----
Another First person shooter that deserves my (and my borthers) attention. Will also buy when I get back.

All that for just a month is too much for some... but not for me! hahaha.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 incoming this November

At last after a long wait this phone will be available in November. If you want a qwerty phone I think you should consider this. The only drawback i think is that its battery life only last for 2 days. With heavy usage I think that will go down further. The upside is its wonderful display, its 512rom and 256 ram. Thats wow for a phone.

Here are some pictures:

Bny, mukang ok ba to? Whats your opinion?

NBA new season is Here!

WOW NBA is here. TOday we got 3 games... one is being shown on Bastketball TV. Yes its back and I predict that the teams to beat are: Boston and Orlando for the East and Los Angeles, Houston, and maybe Phoenix for the West. I hope Houston gets a little farther in the playoffs than the first round for the sake of McGrady and Yao Ming or else a big shuffle will happen in the future. The addition of Ron Artest wil surely help them. Lets just pray that the Big Three of Houston will stay healthy this whole season.

Mga cousins... Yahoo NBA Fantasy na tayo Ulet!

Scores Today

Cavaliers 85
Celtics 90

Bucks 95
Bulls 108

Trail Blazers 66
Lakers 83
4th Qtr 6:51

Friday, October 24, 2008

i780 crash and restoring data all over again

My i780 crashed on me yesterday. The finger mouse disappeared and the touchscreen became unresponsive. I backed it up via sprite backup software and did a hard reset. My first hard reset for my i780. After my hard reset i restored my backup data and lo and behold... the problem was still there. And to make matters worst is that all the .exe file stopped working. I was very disappointed with sprite backup because it did not do what it should have done. Yes it backed up the installed softwares but all the shortcuts became disassociated with its exes. Damn! So I did what i dreaded the most-- installing all my apps all over again. First, I backed up again my phone but now I only backed up my contact and messages. Did a softreset and then reloaded my contacts and messages. Atleast sprite restored that. I lost all my games and some of my not-so-important apps because im lazy to install all of them. I might do that some other time.

I thought I had to install all my apps all over again when the new 6.1 update is released. Boy was i wrong. Moral of the story is dont thinker with your gadgets too much. Hehe. But i cant help it.

update: it was NOT Sprite caused my exe problems but a app called Clear Temp. It supposed to erase all my temporary internet files but it also erased all the registry associated with all the apps I installed.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my bro in law. My first birthday greeting in my blog. If I get a hang of it, there will be more to come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PSP-3000 screen problem...OUCH!

Ahh, the PSP-3000. The we’ve been lusting over is now out in wild and just waiting to show you games and movies with stunning and vivid clarity. Right? Umm, not so much it would seem. Early adopters are reporting horrible interlacing issues during both game play and video playback. As seen pretty clearly in the image above, movement is basically death to the PSP-3000 display. Jagged edges, scan lines and insane pixelation spoil the honeymoon pretty quickly and are resulting in some pretty pissed gamers. Apparently disabling the Wide Color Space option helps to some extent but it doesn’t eliminate the issue completely. The worst part? Sony has reportedly confirmed the issue, claimed it is in fact not an issue at all and stated that it will not be addressed in any software updates as it is a hardware matter. Mmm. PSP-4000 anyone?

taken from

Long live my PsP-1000! Hehehe.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Short Thoughts

If i was american i would vote for Obama because of the debate

Another PNP general gets caught having 6.9 million pesos. Damn. Corruption Incorporated! And we wonder why we cant stop the rebels down south. Simple equation. War=Money=Money in their pocket=having 105,000 Euros on a junket paid by simple tax payers.

And to rub salt to injury, PNP leadership is covering it all up. If the PNP leadership explanation is true then i have four legs.

Oil companies are losing money and they cant afford to drop oil prices. Lets see their end year financial statements. If they dont make atleast a BILLION peso in pofits then i have four legs.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Man Rules - Spam worth posting

The Man Rules-------------------
At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down

Finally , the guys' side of the story.
We always hear ' the rules'
From the female side.

Now here are the rules from the male side.

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Please note.. these are all numbered '1 '

1. Men are NOT mind readers.

1. Learn to work the toilet seat.
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We need it up, you need it down.
You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it

1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon
or the changing of the tides.
Let it be.

1. Crying is blackmail.

1. Ask for what you want.
Let us be clear on this one:
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Just say it!

1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost

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Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

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1. You can either ask us to do something
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Not both.
If you already know best how to do it, just do it

1. Whenever possible, Please say whatever you have to say

1. Christopher Columbus did NOT need directions and
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1. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default
Peach, for example, is a fruit, not A color. Pumpkin is
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We have no idea what mauve is.

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Pass this to as many men as you can -
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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


For you information the local cigarette known as Winston will now be called Fortune. This was done because of royalty problems. Here are the new packaging:

According to sources, content are exactly the same only the packaging was changed.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Another Ateneo vs La Salle letter.

Got this from a friends blog. I got a laugh out of it so im reposting it here. Enjoy...

Deer Blog,
Sabi ni Kotz Frans nung Monday, we are backed in a corners kaya kailangan meron kaming bagong gameplan for game 2. Pikunin daw namin sila, asar-asarin basta kahit anong trashtalk para mawala consentrasion nila ...lalo na yang si Rabeh Al-Sashimi saka si Chris Tiu. Sabi ko nga, "Kotz, how can we trashtalks Chris Tiu? Meron bang mapipintas sa kanya? And I doesn't know how to spokening Chinese." Hindi sumagot si Kotz, nagtinginan lang sila ni Assistant Kotz Jack tapos parehong umiling. I dont understood why.
Bumulong sa akin si Jayvee. Tigilan ko na raw yung mga inane na hirit ko kasi yun daw ang reason kung bakit hindi ako sinasama sa pers five ni Kotz. Paano nangyari yun, eh di ko nga alam ibig sabihin ng "inane". Tinanong ko si Walsham kung ano ang "inane". Sabi niya yun daw ang kunukulong sa mental. Ip dats true, dapat si David Joshua ang inane. Siya ang mukhang abnoy sa amin eh.
Enyway, sabi rin ni Kots na mas sikipan daw namin ang fool court depense namin, and it bored fruits naman kasi nag dalawang early poul si Al-Sashimi. Kaso di namin alam na maganda ang ipapakita ni Baldos saka si Jobe Mangkokolam. Pero we never gives up, basta kung kailangan hampasin yung kamay ni Reyes, Eskweta at Salamat para maagaw ang bola, gawin daw namin. Kung pumito yung referee ng poul, umarte daw kami na kunwari prustreyted kami, gaya ng ginagawa ni Assistant Kotz Jack. (Assistant Kotz Jack, ip your reading this, belated happy condolence nga pala.)
It's beened 24 hours and hindi pa din ako nakaka sleep. I'm reely hurts kasi hindi naman talaga ako nag derty pinger pero tinawagan ako ng second tecnical poul. Na-eject tuloy ako. Hindi naman masama yung ginawa ko ah. Sabi ni sir Tony Atayde, ang meedle pinger na nakataas, ibig sabihin "Animo La Salle, We are number 1". I olweys see him doing dat tuwing kinakausap niya yung reperees. Parehong kamay pa nga eh. (Next time I will told sir Tony na isang kamay na lang ang gamitin niya. Kasi I realized kung boat hands ang gamit niya, it meens "We are number 2." Isn't I smart?)
Dinadaan ko na lang sa blog ang sama ng loob ko kasi feeling ko talaga dis year we are the championship again. Ito na siguro ang pinakamahabang nasulat ko sa buong buhay ko. As a mater op pact, kahit mga essay ko sa scool hindi umaabot ng ganito kahaba.
Ayoko na. I'm tired na talaga. I'm tired nang ma-emmbbarrassedd (dinoble ko yung konsonants kasi di ko sigurado spelling) dahil lagi na lang ako pinapakain ni Baculao ng bola. Nakakahiya sa isponsors ko na Adidas saka Nike dahil ang pogi ko sa posters nila pero supalpal naman ako ebery time sa kanya. I hates him! (Pati nga si Buenafe nasupalpal ako. I hates him too!)
I'm siriusly considering na mag-PBA na lang ako. Baka wala na si Baculao pagdating ko doon. Hindi na rin kasi nagkakasya sa pamily ko sa Mindoro yung P200 monthly sponsorship fee sa akin ng Nike saka Adidas (combined na yun.). Nagiging milyonaryo daw ang mga player sa PBA. Asan kaya ang Job Fair nila?
Hanggang dito na lang. Sana makatulog na ako.

P.S. Napanood ko yung replay ng game. I'm still froud of my team kahit natalo kami. Kaso lang ang pangit talaga ng halftime cheering namin. Bakit kasi nila hinayaan nilang magsayaw si Chokoleit doon sa gitna? Ang sagwa talaga.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Projector Cellphone for $355 Anyone?

Here is the engrish description of the phone!

May be you will be doubt that why we are so crazy for this phone, even the little girls are amzing that high technological,The world first projection phone –COOLN70, and this is century china phone. From today, no longer have to rely on the survival of imitation, no longer have to carry the connotation of the technology is no charge. Have been used to cross back with a heavy and huge projector you went to the "battlefield", right? As early as you have the habit of rigid thinking of you, right? Actually all may be more beautiful, had it, the travel bag is no longer heavy; Had it, our video and music entertainment world has been possible no longer to subject to the time and place. The projection lens of mobile phone in front of the location, appearance and style similar to that of ordinary mobile phone business. Precision optical structures and the LCoS chip can be projected to achieve resolution images
2.4 inch up to 64-inch projection screen. And on the back side of the huge speaker even if can also provide the high quality sound effect in the spacious place ..

With a description like that... I know you cant resist so grab one now!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Future of Cellphones

"Take this Fujitsu design, whose screen and keyboard pulls apart to be used separately. It uses magnets to connect the two pieces in the desired configuration", from Cnet Asia. I hope this concept phone becomes a reality. Its like having 3 phones in one!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Xbox 360 is for me, and the wii is for my wife. Hehehe. Its really a good group console. Enjoying it, but my wife is enjoying it more.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

USB "thumb" Drive

SUN unsolicited text messages

Tired of getting those dreaded free ringtones messages from SUN every morning? (For me it comes every 8am) I have found a solution! Have tried it myself and Ill report tomorrow morning if it worked.

send MYFREE OFF to 2346

After trying this, i have not received anymore unsolicited text messages. It works! Wahoooo.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

US shows are Back and Im Happy

Yes! Ohhhhh Yeah. American shows are back with a vengeance! Almost all of my favorite shows have started their seasons and Im happy following each and everyone of them. Here are the shows im following:

The Shield (season 7)
How I Met Your Mother (season 4)
House (season 5)
Entourage (season 5)
Heroes (season 3)
Big Bang Theory (season 2)
Criminal Minds (season 4)
CSI: New York (season 5)

And ofcourse im still waiting for these to start:
CSI (season 9?)
Samantha Who (season 2)
The 4400 (season 4?)
Everybody Hates Chris (season 5)
Weeds (season 5?)

I cant think of anything but there are still many shows im following... Aha Lost and Prison Break. Im not up to date with these shows but I think ill watch them again.

Lets GO! Bili na tayo!

Friday, September 26, 2008

IM back in Manila, etc.

Yes! Its good to be back in manila. Its better because its good to be with my wife again. Di muna ako gigimik, sasamahan ko muna si misis sa bahay. Bukas na ang bulakbol. Hehehe.

Anyways thank you! Panalo ateneo! Wahoooo! I think we have a good chance of repeating. I bet my ass finals ulit ateneo next season. Anyway, wag muna yan isipin, lets just enjoy this championship.

Tingin ko kaya si Baclao naging MVP because he eptiomizes what Ateno was all about during the finals. And thats defense!

Yes. After almost 3 years of blogging...umabot din ako sa 3000 page views. And take not, 2000 nyan sa akin. Hahahaha.

Anyways again, Ill be posting a for sale section here in my blog in the near future. Hope tangkilin niyo ang mga items ko para naman kumita ako at dumami pa ang blog ko kasi nga kumikita na ako, Shalamas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HTC G1 and Android OS is here

Damn! Astig tong bagong phone na tow. Hindi lang bagong phone, bago din ang OS or operating system niya. Ito ang tinatawag na google phone. Ginawa para sa google lang talaga. So ang gmail, gmaps with street view, google talk ay embedded na. At hindi mo kailangan ng parang itunes to sync ang mga laman ito sa desktop mo. Kung anong nasa phone na ito yun na mismo ang nasa laptop or pc mo. Ganon kagaling. Kelan kaya to mapupunta sa Pilipinas? I WANT ONE. Sa end of October pa to magiging available sa USA so malamang e mga November pa magkakaroon to sa Pilipinas. Pero malakas to sa 3G signal so malamang hindi to magiging ganon ka usefull sa akin kasi wala naman 3G dito sa probinsya... and if kung meron man e, medyo mahal din. Pero may wifi naman e. Hmmmm. Sana mga nasa 20-25k lang to pagdating sa Pilipinas. Calling on Globe or Smart, or Sun... Get this PHONE!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dino Hoodies for Sale!

Wanna standout in a crowd?

Check this out! Kewl he? Why dont you click on this link to order one for you or your love ones!
Only PHP1,800.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ateneo Vs Lasalle 2008 Finals, blow by blow update

I will update you fans as best as I can

admu 4-2 dlsu 6:20 1st
admu 4-4 dlsu 5:58 1st timout.. ateneo 3 turnovers already.
lasalle over the foul limit 4:51
admu 6-4 dlsu 2 ft by buenafe
admu 8-4 dlsu 2ft by al hussaini
admu 8-6 dlsu shot by rico m 3:31 1st
admu 10-6 dlsu 2pts by salamat
fact 3-8 fg admu, 3-14 lasalle
ateneo commits 7th Turn Over
3pt shot by rico m 10-9 admu
3pt shot by buenafe 13-9 admu
Both teams over the foul limit
1 ft by revilla 13-10 1st Q 1:00
Foul by baclao
2ft barrua 13-12 admu
2pt by badlos 15-12 admu
end of 1st q

charging foul on salamat
al hussaini 1-5 FG
ateneo 10 turnovers lasalle 3 TOs
18-12 asdu 3pt shot by reyes
18-14 shot by rico m 6:44 2nd Q
12 TOs by admu
18-16 2ft by rico m 6:04 2nd Q
Foul counted on al hussaini, foul by rico m 20-16 admu in the lead
1ft by al husseini 21-16
2pts by villanueva 21-18
2pts by al husseini 23-18
2pts by casio 23-20 4:27 2nd Q
buenafe 7pts, 7rebs, 3 assists
1ft by buenafe
2pts by barrua
24-24 all via 2ft by revilla
2pts by buenafe 8rebs for him 26-24 admu leads.
2ft by ferdinand 26-26 tie
foul counted on casio, foul on uri, admu 14TOs 28-26 dlsu leads. timeout.
1ft by casio 29-26 dlsu leads
2ft by long 29-28 dlsu leads
casio 3-9 fgs
1ft by buenafe 29-29 all
2pts by hussaini 31-29 admu leads
1ft by long 1:13 2nd Q 32-29 admu on a 6-0 run
1ft by buenafe 33-29 admu leads
3pts by reyes 36-29 admu leads ast by buenafe
end of 2nd
star of the 1st half buenafe 12pts, 8rebs (3 offensive), 4ast.

half time stats
admu vs dlsu
13/29 FG 8/24
12 ast 4
15 tos 7

start of 3rd Q
2pts by al h 38-29 admu leads
2pts by al h 40-29 admu leads
14-0 run by admu
3 pt play by mangahas
1ft by mangahas 40-32 admu leads 8:22 3rd Q
17 TOs by admu
double Technical on mangahas and salamat
mangahas commits his 4rth foul
2pts baclao via offensive reb 42-32 timeout
3pt play oppor for casio
1ft by casio 42-35 admu leads
2pts by al hussaini (17pts) 44-35
both teams over the foul limit
1ft by baclao 45-35 admu leads 5:11 3rdQ
2pts by reyes 47-35
2pts by barrua 47-37
2ft by reyes 49-37
3pt oppor by al hussaini 51-37 missed 1ft
unsportmanlike foul on al hussaini
1ft by rico m, 2 pts by casio 51-40 3:00
3pts by casio 51-43 admu leads, timeout
2pts by al hussaini 53-43
block by baclao
travel by rico m
offensive foul by baclao
baclao 3 blocks
2pts by al hussaini (23pts) 10-18 shooting 55-43 1:05
2ft by rico m 55-45
TO by admu
end of 3rd, 12pts for al hussaini for the quarter

start of 4rth
block by baclao (4rth block shot)
travelling on villanueva
2pts by malabes 55-47
2nd foul on casio
2pts by malabes 55-49
foul on salamat his 4rth
block by rico m
foul an al hussaini
2-15 3pt fg for dlsu
foul on rico m (4rth personal)
2pts by al hussaini (25pts, 9 rebs) 57-49 admu leads
foul by al hussaini on rico m
1 out of 2 on the ft line 57-50
2pts by baclao 59-50 5:10 remaining
2pts by al hussaini (27 big points) 61-50 admu leads
timeout dlsu
2pts by casio 7-21 fgs
2pts for al hussaini on tiu assist
10th rebound by al hussaini
2pts by tiu 65-52
3pts by casio 65-55
block by baclao (5blocks) over mangahas
2ft by rico m (13pts , 13 rebs) 65-57
last 2 mins
offensive rebound by baclao
2pts by al hussaini (31pts!!!!) 67-57
2pts by rico m assist by casio 67-59 1:00
2pts by mangahas 67-61
timeout by admu
block by baclao over rico m (7th block) (Kain na Kain!)
2ft by reyes 69-61

Ayan na!

Sa mga taga-ibang bansa na readers ko, ateneo vs lasalle finals na sa uaap mamaya. 4pm. Yahoo excited na ako kasi medyo may laban ang ateneo this year. Sana manalo naman kami. 2002 pa ang last chamionship e. Go Ateneo One Big Fight. Update ko mamaya sino ang nanalo..

Friday, September 19, 2008

2Days w/o Internet Connecton

Hay salamat meron na ulit kaming internet connection. Damn Rats chewed on the cables going to the smart bro antenna. Had to wait for two days for the technical guys to replace the cable. They were here yesterday but the cable they brought was defective. Atleast Im back! Can continue downloading pinoy movies again (my current download bug) and posting blogs. Thank you smart! Akala ko pinutulan niyo na ako. Haha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008 behind the times

I had a problem with my account, I will not go into the details but I emailed their customer service and their customer representative got back to me asap. I told them about my problem and she (the representative) told me that I had to verify my identity so I can restore my account. Here the problem began. They told me I had to FAX or MAIL in my info. Whatdahell??? Am I reading this right? a premier onlince auction site dont accept my infos as attachement on email or link? Am I reading this right???? They can conduct a thousand auctions daily, get MY payment via online transaction but they CANT accept email attachments for security reasons? Thats customer service for you! I expect this kind of treatment on other new online sites but on EBAY??? There something terrribly wrong with them. Sorry I just had to vent out... Its like they dont want to help me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Its Almost Over

Our rest week is almost over... Hay...thank you for all the friends that went out with us. We shall meet you all again in the end of sept. Its time again to buckle down to work. 

By the way google chorme beta is out. Its the new browser from Google. Check it out. So far no problems with it. But initial impression is that firefox browser is a tad bit easier to use. Maybe its because i have been using firefox for over 2 years. So just visit google and download!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pocket Earth 3.5

Here is another app for your wm device. It shows the earth and any
city you want. You can update it with weather, sunrise and sunset. You
can aslo know the distance from any two cities you want. Pretty cool
app as the globe rotates automatically. You can also you GPS with it,
though I havent tried it yet.


Manila... We are going back to manila finally. Hehe. Have to visit my angkong and lea's lola. Have a week or rest. O yes! I doubt if i can post while im in manila.... Have to enjoy my rest. Hehe.

Color change

Just wanted to change some things... is it better?

Meizu M8

Tagal ko ng inaabangan to... Pinaka glorified and usable of all the iphone wannabes from China. Meizu is a pmp, mp3 maker, and they are trying the phone market... Here is their first try. Muka talagang iphone! Pero rumors are mahal din to.. kasi malaki din ang memory niya... 4gig and 8gig ata ang magiging available... stay tuned.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

VITO Winterface

Here is the picture of VITO winterface

VITO winterface v1.11

Just started trying this new mobile shell from VITO. So far sa good. It made my i780 finger friendly.Will just post screen caps tom because im doing this on my phone.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Samsung Today Screen for i780

Bored with your default Today screen? Why dont you try installing( link deleted by the owner) his will make your Today screen oh soo finger friendly. You can also add 6 shortcuts to your favorite apps, picture of 6 of your favorite contacts, and 6 of your essential settings.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thanks Bny for this great app. Tried it and I got the coordinate of where I am. So if you want to find me in google earth just plug this in!

MagiKB Lite on samsung i780

Found a great app for our samsung i780. Its a great remapping of the qwerty key pad. For example, if you press e once, then you get e, if you double press it you will get E, and if you press and hold then you will get 1. Then you can do this for all of your buttons. I swear typing will be a breeze and one hand operation will be fully achieved. Here is a screen shot of the application. You can get it (link remove). You also need HookMgr so that you can still lock you keypad.

So install MagiKB Lite and HookMgr.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Treo Pro

Meron na ba kayo nakita nito locally. Halos sakto specs nito sa i780 ko a. Maganda rin... Pero im sure mahal yan kasi Treo yan e. Bloated price yan for sure.

Screen Captures

Wala ako magawa e so here so i downloaded vsnap a screen capture application for my i780.

Ito yung spb mobile shell.

Ito yung lock screen ko. Gif yung wallpaper ko. Makulit yan. Hehe

Ito yung version ng phone ko.

Ito yung picture viewer ko. Finger friendly app yan. You can just use yung fingers to browse over the pictures.

Next time na iba.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy sikat sa Germany?

Ito yung video ng MoyMoy Palaboy Productions. Nakita ko natong mga mokong nato sa Bubble Gang e. Sumikat sila dahil sa makukulit nilang video sa youtube. And dahil sa kasikatan nila e ginagaya na sila... eto o.

Germans ata to e. Hehehe. Kakatawa din e no. Sikat na sila kahi sa germany

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Using my i780 as a modem (via bluetooth)

Just follow these steps:
1)First pair the PC and your phone of course
2)After pairing, meaning the phone and the pc sees each other, go to your phone and look for the icon "internet sharing".
3)Choose bluetooth pan as you pc connection then press connect. So now your phone is on data connection via gprs, 3g or 3g+
4) Then go to your pc now and go to My bluetooth places search for Network Access Point and enable it. It will turn green with arrows, meaning it has established a connection.
TADA! Now you have internet connection using your i780s

PS. Ofcourse make sure that you have good data plan like globes 15mins for P5. Dont use per kb data charging because this will cost you A LOT!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pic of my mp4 watch phone

From the wonders of the net. Bought this online. Mp4 player watch. Mp3 pwede din w/ external speakers. Pwede na rin medyo malakas naman e. Battery is 6-8 hours on standby and when i use it as a mp3 player it goes down to 4-5hours. Ok na rin. Pangkulit lang naman to e.

Countdown Begins

Went to the mall in cabanatuan and saw this. Meron din palang countdown to iphone3G kahit sa cabanatuan

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Payong 2 ang tagalog version? Lala na neto a



Mas ok yun pagrecord nung una pera may chicks sa mtv nung pangalawa so dun na ako sa letrang B! kayo? anong type niyo?

Low (Bisayan Version)

nakakatawa ng mp3 neto pero mas ok yung mtv netong taong to. We have a star here. Hehehehe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PISO sticking to a magnet Equals Fake?

Bumili ako ng magnetic money clip sa trip ko sa Indonesia and Malaysia. Pagdating ko sa manila e nagulat ako baket nagdikitan yung mga piso ko and mga .25 cents ko sa money clip ko and then natandaan ko sa news before na kapag namamagnet daw ang 5peso and 10peso coin e "FAKE" daw yun. Is this holds true for 1 peso ans .25 cents as well? Nagresearch ako sa internet and mixed ang infos na nakuha ko. Meron nagsabi na fake daw meron nagsabi na hindi naman daw. I asked our bank manager about it and she first told me that is a fake when it sticks to a magnet, and after 5 mins texted me again and told me that according to her research there is still no fake 1peso or .25cents floating around the market according to BSP. Ako naconvince na ako pro si misis e ayaw pa rin maniwala. Fake daw yun. So ill just post pics here and you be the judge....

Here is a video if it as well:

Here is a picture of a "Real" (demagnetize) on the left and the suspected "Fake" (magnetize) on the right, see any difference?

Check your coins stash and im sure you will have a few suspected "fake" 1 peso coin.

Meanwhile ill do some research and post again soon.

UPDATE: Called up BSP cabanatuan branch and they told me that THERE IS NO FAKE 1PESO COIN. So baka nagtipid lang sila and may kasama ng metal ang composition ng bagong piso natin.

I am Rich app video walkthrough

This is a video of the I am Rich application that cost $999 and was being sold on App Store last week. It Does not do anything. It was pulled out by App Store because of the absurdity of it all. And whats more fascinating is that there were supposedly 8 people who bought the app, either by mistake or intended.

45,000 pesos para sa walang kwentang app. Shet. Di ka lang mayabang neto pagmeron ka. Bobo ka pa. hekhek.



Can Globe Centers handle the flood of people who will flock their shops? Lets find out on Aug. 22, 2008

Pics of my Puto Barrel Man

Got two. One for me and one for sale in the future. Hekhek

May ginto sa basura

Found this watch rummaging through our stockpile of old things...classic gameboy. hehehe. Just got a new battery for it and it worked again. Though sometimes it dies for awhile maybe because of battery misalignment or something. None the less it kewl. Check it out!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My new phone samsung i780

After a long while I shall post again. Ill just post pictures of my new phone... I love this phone for its big ram (126MB). Hope I get the wm6.1 upgrade soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Globe Telecom to bring iPhone 3G

Globe Telecom and Apple announced that they will be bringing the highly anticipated iPhone 3G to the Philippines later this year.

iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of iPhone with 3G networking that is twice as fast as the first-generation iPhone, built-in GPS for expanded location based mobile services, and iPhone 2.0 software, which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs the hundreds of third-party applications already built with the recently released iPhone SDK.

“We are very excited to be working with Apple to bring Filipino consumers iPhone 3G later this year,” said Gerardo Ablaza Jr., president and CEO of Globe Telecom.

“Our customers are our greatest passion and we’re constantly striving to offer them the most innovative products such as the revolutionary iPhone 3G,” he added.

“We are thrilled to bring iPhone 3G to millions of mobile customers in the Philippines,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s COO. “We can’t wait to get this revolutionary mobile device in the hands of even more people around the world.”

iPhone 3G will be available to Globe’s postpaid and prepaid subscribers in the Philippines later this year.

read more via

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tip for browsing the net thru your mobile device

Well because I'm accessing the net thru my phone right now, I just want to share some tips.

First, get a decent browser. If you are not satisfied with your current browser try using operamini 4.1. As long as your phone has java capabilities, you can use this.

If you don't know yet, some sites are beginning to create mobile versions of their sites. Why? One, because the screen is small on our mobile devices. Secondly, our phones ram is small compared to our pc/laptops so it can't handle too many fancy graphics and pictures.
Here are some sites that have mobile versions that I usually visit on my phone:

Those are just samples. if you want to try your favorite site, just try replacing www. with m. for example, becomes

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


  • Intel Atom @ 1.6Ghz

  • 8.9-inch LED-backlit 1,024 x 600 screen

  • 512MB of RAM

  • Linupus Lite OS

  • 8GB of SSD

  • SD card reader (five types)

  • Four colors: Sapphire blue, Seashell white, Golden brown and Coral pink

  • 248 x 170 x 29mm

  • 3-hour (three-cell) and 6-hour (six-cell) battery options

  • Options: 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, Windows XP
And the rumor is it will be priced around 15,000-20,000Php (Hopefully).

Cant wait to get my hands on one of this, been waiting for a decent subnotebook for quite a while now and i think this will be it!!!!!

Expected official launch is on JUNE 14, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Sale|SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P Ultra Mobile PC

I'm selling (for a friend) a UMPC [Ultra Mobile Personal Computer] it's a SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P with Box and all the accessories.
This is a Intel® Centrino™ based system can run upto 2.5 to 4.5hrs on a charge [YMMV]
Processor: Intel® Core™ Solo Processor U1400 Ultra Low Voltage 1.2Ghz (533MHz/2Mb L2 Cache)
WLAN: Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection (802.11a/b/g)
Chipset: Intel® 945GMS Chipset
Graphics: Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (128MB Video RAM)
Memory: 1024Mb RAM DDR2 400Mhz
HDD: 40Gb HDD Ultra ATA with SONY shock protection
PAN: Bluetooth 2.0 Toshiba Stack
WAN: Sony Ericsson GPRS/EDGE Modem [unlocked, I've used it with Globe and SMART]
Display: 4.5inch Touch Screen 1024 x 600 resolution [with screen protector]
Input: Sliding QWERTY backlit keyboard / Touch Screen with Handwritting recognition / Trackstick
Security: Biometric Security [Finger print scanner]
Battery: Standard Lithium-ion battery (VGP-BPS6)
Cameras: Dual Motion Eye Cameras [VGA front web cam, 1.3MP rear cam]
Input/Output: MemStick DUO slot, port replicator, USB2.0 x1, Mic and Earphones jack
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium [Genuine and Activated]
Weight/Dimensions: 1.2 lbs with standard battery / 5.91” (W) x 3.74” (H) x 1.27-
1.50” (D)

1. Kickstand x1
2. Extra Stylus x1
3. Extra Track pad nubs x2
4. VGA/LAN Adapter - Ethernet, VGA-Out and A/VOut
5. Soft Carrying Case
6. AC Adapter (VGP-AC16V7) with cable manager
7. Port Replicator (VGP-PRUX1) - 1 4-pin i.LINK® interface , 3 USB 2.0, Ethernet, VGA-Out, A/Vout and DC-in
8. Handstrap
9. AC Adapter (VGP-AC16V7) + Power Cord + Cable manager and VGA/LAN Adapter holder 10. Screen Protector - applied since day 01

Asking Price:
PhP>>>>>PM me for lowlowlowlow price.

-If you're confused about some of the acronyms-
WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network aka WiFi
LAN = Local Area Network
WAN = Wide Area Network uses Cellular Technology
PAN = Personal Area Network
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary, means depends on how you use it

Look in the internet for specs and pics.

*Want to thank my friend bny for specs and infos.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008