Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Im off to lala land of cabanatuan

Hey guys! im off to cabanatuan where- if you still dont know I have a business with Alvin Yap (check his blog too!). Well, I dont have any kind of internet connection over there so pasensya nalang cause I cant write anything when im there. Well, if you ever had the time please visit me there! hehehe. We are a Uratex dealer over there. But you can also order from us even here in Manila. I guarrantee that the price will be lower compared to buying in SM or any other mall. Just contact me thru email and I can also deliver it to you for free-- pag ginanahan ako. Well you can see from the photo below are some of the products we are selling. Syimpre because its a Uratex store our main product is Mattresses and Foams. We sell all kinds of them. Any size and thickness just say it and we have it. So please visit us anytime! Im off... see you guys weekend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nothin to do and PG(F)MA

Well here i am again writing for the nth time today. Meron kaya talagang ngababaasa neto besides me? Meron naman siguro... kasma na dun si Bny kung meron man. hehehe. Anyway, I just want to say that wala talagang kwenta ang atin el presidente na si Ate Glo. Once again, she flipflopped on making last Monday a holiday. Hello. How hard can that be? Youre the President of the Republic for crying out loud. If you cant decide on such as small manner, how can you freakin run our country? Nako, baka ma-assassinate ako neto a. And once again this morning I read on the newspaper (philippine star) that she used taxpayers money to fund her reelection campaign. Baket ba naman kasi natin pinayagan na tumakbo pa ito sa dating eleksiyon? I for one is to blame. I unfortunately voted for this flipflopper. Dammit. Never again. I knew her tendencies but I wrongly presumed that she was better than FPJ. Now I am sure I am wrong. Atleast FPJ (I think) have the will to declare a day a holiday and not flipflopped this decision three times.
More on that in the coming days. Give me a shout out ever you have the same sentiments as me. Thanks.

just checking

I hope this works


testing one two three

First ever post

Thanks first to Bny for introducing me to this blog site. This is my first ever post. As in ever. Anyway, it was really easy signing up... thats a lie. I cant seem to find a user name not already taken. First I tried of course my name... taken, then my intitials...taken, then my name with 888 in the end, taken again, and then my intials with 888 wala pa rin...leche. And to top it all of, i wrote my password everytime I tried a new user name. Anak ng.

Well, mayabang na ako ngayon kasi sa wakas nakaDSL na kami! Hehe. Life on the fast lane, kahit na sa internet lang. Here are my first impression pertaining on having a DSL connection...PLDT customer service SUCK! Yesterday our server or whatever you call it died. We tried to call the shity customer support of PLDT and lo and behold... walang nangyari. They made us wait for almost an hour tapos ang maririnig mo lang is a busy signal in the end. Galing ng PLDT mabuhay sila!

I hope that never happen again.