Thursday, December 17, 2009

NBA Fantasy Studs for DEC 16, 2009

Gerald Wallace 29pts, 12rebs, 1 ast, 4stls, 1blk (5 tos)
Troy Murphy 26pts, 15rebs, 3asts, 1blk
Why cant Chris Bosh get a double double every game is a mystery. Only 20pts, 6rebs, 3 asts
Dwight Howard 18pts, 14rebs, 8 blks.
Lebron James 36pts, 6rebs, 7asts, 3stls, 1blk
Andre Iguodala 27pts, 7rebs, 2asts, 2stls, 1blk
Jrue Holiday looks like a good pick up now. 9pts, 2rebs, 9asts, 2stls. A stud his last two games.
Deron Williams 20pts, 14asts, 2 3pts
Carlos Boozer 26pts, 10rebs, 2asts, 1stl
Brook Lopez the only shining star in NJ. 23pts, 10rebs, 3asts
Baron Davis looks like he's heating up! 13pts, 8rebs, 13asts, 2stls
Chris Kaman 23pts, 10rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk
Marcus Camby 10pts, 18rebs, 6asts, 5blks
Kevin Love 19pts, 12rebs, 2asts, 1stl, 1blk. Solid since his return from injury.
Kobe Bryant! 39pts, 7rebs, 4asts, 1stl but 7tos
Pau Gasol 26pts, 22rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 4blks
Andrew Bogut 16pts, 12rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 3blks
Michael Redd 25pts, 7rebs, 4asts, 2stls
Ersan Ilyasova 24pts, 5rebs, 4asts, 1stl
Rodney Stuckey 26pts, 3rebs, 5asts, 2stls, but 6tos
Chris Paul 16pts, 4rebs, 12asts, 1stl, 1blk
David West 32pts, 12rebs, 1ast, 2stls but 6tos
Dirk Nowitzki 35pts, 11rebs, 2asts, 2stls, 1blk, 2 3pts
Aaron Brooks 23pts, 1rebs, 7asts, 1stl, 3 3pts
Carmelo Anthony 38pts, 9rebs, 3asts, 1stl, 1blk, 1 3s
Gilbert Arenas 33pts, 6rebs, 6asts, 2stls, 2blks, 3 3s
Brandon Haywood 9pts, 14rebs, 2blks
Antawn Jamison 30pts, 8rebs
Tyreke Evans my ROY bet for the year. 26pts, 6rebs, 6stls, 2blks,
Jason Thompson 17pts, 13rebs, 2blks
Tim Duncan vintage. 27pts, 15rebs, 4asts, 1stl, 4blks
Monta Ellis 35pts, 6rebs, 5asts.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

NBA Fantasy studs Dec 08, 2009

Chris Bosh 21pts, 16rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 3blks
Carmelo Anthony 34pts, 7rebs, 2asts
Stephen Jackson 25pts, 7rebs, 6asts, 3stls
Gerald Wallace 25pts, 16rebs, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk
Raymond Felton 14pts, 2rebs, 3asts, 1blk nothing much but 6 stls will help anyone out
Andrew Bogut 25pts, 14rebs, 5asts, 1stl, 2blks but 7tos
Brook Lopez 25pts, 10rebs, 2asts, 2stls, 1blk
Derrick Rose 27pts, 7rebs, 10asts, 1stl, 1blk
Mo Williams 20pts, 6rebs, 8asts, 5stls, 3 3pts but 5tos
Lebron James 43pts, 13rebs, 6asts, 1blk, 4 3pts but 5tos
Zach Randolph 32pts, 14rebs, 2asts, 4stls, 1blk
Tyreke Evans 25pts, 5rebs, 9asts, 1stl
Chris Paul 15pts, 5rebs, 12asts, 4stls, 2 3pts but 4tos
Dirk Nowitzki 33pts, 8rebs, 3asts, 1blk
Dwight Howard 25pts, 11rebs, 5asts, 2stls, 7blks but 4tos

Nothin Much and the Declaration of ML in Maguindanao

Im writing this blog on my nokia n800. This is my gadget of the moment. All of my other gadgets are in haitus or being used less and less. To be cont...

(Written on my pc) Anyways, Im back. Let me just shoutout some of my objections on whats happening in our country today. The declaration of martial law on Maguindanao is plain overkill. I think they declared that because they want to look for all the ballots that the Ampatuans edited and hid so that GMA can win the 2004 elections. As you know, if there are no suspension of habeas corpus, and a judge signs a search warrant, the police or the military can only seize items written on the warrant, so they cannot get the cheated ballots only the guns and bullets. And if there is no declaration of martial law, then they cant go all out and do whatever they want without the Ampatuans showing the media and the Filipinos what they know about the 2004 election fraud. And dont tell me there was no cheating in Maguindanao during the last election, you can shoot me where i stand. Who would believe an election wherein the opponent did not receive even one single vote. You tell me even the poll watchers of FPJ and company did not vote for them? In any town, and city in Maguindanao? You gotta be a innocent duck to believe such bullshit.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hello Im Back

I havent updated my blog for quite a while now. Well I have been busy with life and have no time to write. Twitter basically became my chose of blog of late but it is not as satisfying as writing long posts such as this. I will try to make an entry at a minimun of one blog per week. Just to keep this site alive. I have been maintaining this blog for two years now and i dont want to stop now.

First, I want to rant about whats happening to our political scene here in the Philippines. Can you believe that GMA is running for a congress seat right after she stepped down as the President? For me this is the lowest point of our political history. She cant get enough of the power. I really regret that i voted for her in 2004.

The maguindanao massacre also reflects to what our political climate here in our country. GMA needed the Ampatuans so that they can control and win the 2004 elections. Now they cant stop the Ampatuans because GMA owe them a lot. Its like caring for a snake that bites your ass!

Anyway for the lighter side of the news... lets now talk about my NBA Fantasy basketball. I have two leagues that im maintaining. One is with my cousins and one with friends. On my cousins, LIMFAM league im proudly sitting on the #1 spot. This is my preferred league because we can change our lineups daily. More interaction is what i like. On my second league im sitting on 5th place. Im happy with my standing right now on both leagues and I hope i can stay on top of both leagues.