Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Step by Step instructions for upgrading your i780 from 6.0 to 6.1

Notes. This is i think for asian i780s

For XP
For Vista

Modem drivers:
For XP
For Vista

1) download modem drivers then install.
2) download installer
3a) backup your data (phone if you want)
*optional 3b)hard reset phone prior the the upgrade. your previous tweaks may not work for 6.1 and can cause conflicts.
4) connect i780 to the pc via active sync
5) click installer
6) follow instructions.
7) after all the instructions your phone will reset then you will see it updating if after reset the phone does not upgrade trying switching to another usb and repeat step 5)
8) after installation of 6.1 unplug the connection turn the phone on.
9) tada your on 6.1

Use at your own risk and dont blame me for bricking your phone.

You can always send it to Samsung service center as an alternative of doing the upgrade yourself.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Windows 6.1 upgrade on my Samsung i780

I have updated my i780 from 6.0 to 6.1. Im just having a problem with its mouse. It doesnt work anymore. Dpad is also malfunctioning. The button can only click now. Hassle. But I dont know a work around so i have to live with it. Im finding a custom firmware on the net but I dont know how to install it but once a get the upgrade bug again then I try to find out if this custom firmware can address the malfunctioning mouse of my i780.

Anyway, thats the only thing that is wrong with it and overall im satisfied with the upgrade. I like the built in Opera browser and the Samsung Today screen.

My New Toy... Acer Aspire One

Finally I have taken the plunge. Ive purchase a netbook or a umpc. I installed Rons minixp on it and Im satisfied with its speed. Im pondering of purchasing a 9 cell 7200mAh battery that will extend my usage to a whopping 8 hours. Im also purchasing a 16gb SDHC to extend my storage capacity. Im planning on delaying on putting more programs until I purchase a SDHC so that I wont pollute its miniscule bulit it capacity of 8gig.
Here is a pic of the beauty.