Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mistress mini review (by a forced husband)

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Clarification this early. Im not a John Llyod Cruz fan. My wife is. I was forced to watch the film but since I watched it, might as well give a mini review for all the "kidnapped" husband or boyfriends out there.

It was a ok movie. Bea and JLC did a good job in acting their respective roles. The storyline was unique. Its not the typical filipino love story that we grew accustomed to watching.  Bearable movie. I admittedly cried here and there so dont forget your hanky. 

We watched this movie in Robinsons Magnolia and I was surprised to see that 3 out of the 4 movie houses showed this film. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Enrile vs Trillanes

You cant beat a long timer and veteran politician like Sen Enrile. He has played this game twice or thrice over anyones lifetime. He is that good. Good politician. Not good man mind you. Someone like Trillanes cant even dream of putting one over someone like Enrile. Its like a cat vs a lion.

Trillanes walking out is like being a crybaby. Wow. I did not vote for Trillanes. And Im proud of that.

Antutu score for i9277

As you can see. My china phone is just below a galaxy s2 in terms of performance. Not bad for a sub $200 phone.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Haipai Noble i9277

Here is a short review of Haipai Noble i9277. My cousin bought this for me in China. It has a 5.1 screen. It runs on MT6577 cpu, 512 ram, and 4gig rom (2.1+gig available for users).

It came with 2 batts, usb micro cable and plug for charging, and headphone jack. It also had a leather case and a card reader.

Tested it with Antutu and it recorded a decent 5000+. I also played Temple Run and did not experience any hitch during game play. I also installed NBA Jam and it also ran smoothly.
It is also a dual sim phone. SIM1 can connect to 3G while SIM2 is only 2G. Testing and calling is a breeze. First you assign names for your SIMs and then when you call or text, the phone will ask first what SIM to use. Simple as that.

But the phone has also it shortcomings. One, the upper back part of the phone gets hot when you use 3G or Wifi extensively. The 8 mega pixel camera is a trash. Its not 8mp for sure as the picture taken is only 1MB and when you zoom in its very grainy. But what do you expect for a sub $200 phone from china! LOL
Last gripe about this phone is that it has LOW memory for installing apps. It only has 500+MB for Apps and when it came, only 150+ MB are free. A work around is to install from Google Play an app named Apps to SD. It will help you identify apps you can save to your micro SD card. Once installed, reboot your phone so you can transfer apps to your micro SD card.

Here are some pictures of the phone and some screen shots.
Front shot!

The box states its a i9220 phone (MT 6575) but in reality its a i9277 (MT6577) device.

White leather case with Samsung logo at the back!

Charger and Earphones

Close to 6000 not bad!

Thats it. For any questions. Just fire away and Ill try to answer it the best I can.