Monday, August 27, 2012

Braeden Soundbites

Braeden and lolo's funny conversation

Braeden: lolo, kaw nalang wash up sa kin. Not yaya na
Lolo: i can't apo. I have wound o
Braeden: where?
Lolo: (shows his scar from his heart bypass)
Braeden: okay lang yan... Malayo yan sa bituka! 

Nga naman

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Valentino Resort and Spa

Had a great time in Valentino Resort and Spa in San Jose Batangas. Its just 1hour and 30 mins away from Metro Manila. Spent 3 days and 2 nights there. It was truly a budget weekend getaway since our room was P2,600 a night with 30% off since they have a promo because its the off season.

Here are some pictures!
View of the hotel rooms

Pic of infinity pool

Here is a pic of the other pool with a small falls
Dont need to bring these things!

View from our room

View from our room

Overall we had a great stay at Valentino Resort and Spa. Room is a little small but it fits our need. One gripe is that you need to wear a paper bracelet during the duration of your stay. Its a bit irritating.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Senator Tito Sotto, Plagiarism and the RH Bill

Ok. I am proRHbill. I think Filipinos need more information on sex and health. The RH bill is NOT only about contraception. Its about informed choice. We need children to know what is sex even if they are young so theyll know if they are being abused or not.


Tito Sotto is Anti-RH bill. I respect his opinion. I respect anyone who have the same stance. If they think that they can inform all the Filipinos about proper sex/health in another way then good. But as we can see, its not working. The poor still think they can take care of 10 children with a minimum wage salary. Look at a typical 30 yr old from a squatter colony. 5 children with another one on the way. She is loosing all her teeth from calcium deficiency. She need to be informed that there is a way for her not to have a baby every year of her life.

This is the part I cannot take. A Senator of our country commits plagiarism. And denies it. Then his staff admits to plagiarism, and scolds the content owner of getting angry. What?

I cant believe we voted for someone who I think graduated from Iskul Bukol University. Admit your fault. Your staff. Your fault.

His arguments are from circa 1970s. Contraception right now is much more safe than the 70s. Just like other medicines out there. Heck even technology

When you bring your lost child into a debate or privilege speech, then that child is now open for discussion. "Wag kang sensitive, ikaw nagdala niyan sa conversation e."

He says that we should not just copy other countries laws on contraception because we are in the Philippines yet he plagiarized a foreign blogger to justify his arguements. "San ka pa!!"

Some of my views were taken from Margie Holmes article. (Mahirap na baka pati ako magplagiarize)