Saturday, August 30, 2008

VITO Winterface

Here is the picture of VITO winterface

VITO winterface v1.11

Just started trying this new mobile shell from VITO. So far sa good. It made my i780 finger friendly.Will just post screen caps tom because im doing this on my phone.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Samsung Today Screen for i780

Bored with your default Today screen? Why dont you try installing( link deleted by the owner) his will make your Today screen oh soo finger friendly. You can also add 6 shortcuts to your favorite apps, picture of 6 of your favorite contacts, and 6 of your essential settings.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thanks Bny for this great app. Tried it and I got the coordinate of where I am. So if you want to find me in google earth just plug this in!

MagiKB Lite on samsung i780

Found a great app for our samsung i780. Its a great remapping of the qwerty key pad. For example, if you press e once, then you get e, if you double press it you will get E, and if you press and hold then you will get 1. Then you can do this for all of your buttons. I swear typing will be a breeze and one hand operation will be fully achieved. Here is a screen shot of the application. You can get it (link remove). You also need HookMgr so that you can still lock you keypad.

So install MagiKB Lite and HookMgr.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Treo Pro

Meron na ba kayo nakita nito locally. Halos sakto specs nito sa i780 ko a. Maganda rin... Pero im sure mahal yan kasi Treo yan e. Bloated price yan for sure.

Screen Captures

Wala ako magawa e so here so i downloaded vsnap a screen capture application for my i780.

Ito yung spb mobile shell.

Ito yung lock screen ko. Gif yung wallpaper ko. Makulit yan. Hehe

Ito yung version ng phone ko.

Ito yung picture viewer ko. Finger friendly app yan. You can just use yung fingers to browse over the pictures.

Next time na iba.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy sikat sa Germany?

Ito yung video ng MoyMoy Palaboy Productions. Nakita ko natong mga mokong nato sa Bubble Gang e. Sumikat sila dahil sa makukulit nilang video sa youtube. And dahil sa kasikatan nila e ginagaya na sila... eto o.

Germans ata to e. Hehehe. Kakatawa din e no. Sikat na sila kahi sa germany

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Using my i780 as a modem (via bluetooth)

Just follow these steps:
1)First pair the PC and your phone of course
2)After pairing, meaning the phone and the pc sees each other, go to your phone and look for the icon "internet sharing".
3)Choose bluetooth pan as you pc connection then press connect. So now your phone is on data connection via gprs, 3g or 3g+
4) Then go to your pc now and go to My bluetooth places search for Network Access Point and enable it. It will turn green with arrows, meaning it has established a connection.
TADA! Now you have internet connection using your i780s

PS. Ofcourse make sure that you have good data plan like globes 15mins for P5. Dont use per kb data charging because this will cost you A LOT!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pic of my mp4 watch phone

From the wonders of the net. Bought this online. Mp4 player watch. Mp3 pwede din w/ external speakers. Pwede na rin medyo malakas naman e. Battery is 6-8 hours on standby and when i use it as a mp3 player it goes down to 4-5hours. Ok na rin. Pangkulit lang naman to e.

Countdown Begins

Went to the mall in cabanatuan and saw this. Meron din palang countdown to iphone3G kahit sa cabanatuan

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Payong 2 ang tagalog version? Lala na neto a



Mas ok yun pagrecord nung una pera may chicks sa mtv nung pangalawa so dun na ako sa letrang B! kayo? anong type niyo?

Low (Bisayan Version)

nakakatawa ng mp3 neto pero mas ok yung mtv netong taong to. We have a star here. Hehehehe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PISO sticking to a magnet Equals Fake?

Bumili ako ng magnetic money clip sa trip ko sa Indonesia and Malaysia. Pagdating ko sa manila e nagulat ako baket nagdikitan yung mga piso ko and mga .25 cents ko sa money clip ko and then natandaan ko sa news before na kapag namamagnet daw ang 5peso and 10peso coin e "FAKE" daw yun. Is this holds true for 1 peso ans .25 cents as well? Nagresearch ako sa internet and mixed ang infos na nakuha ko. Meron nagsabi na fake daw meron nagsabi na hindi naman daw. I asked our bank manager about it and she first told me that is a fake when it sticks to a magnet, and after 5 mins texted me again and told me that according to her research there is still no fake 1peso or .25cents floating around the market according to BSP. Ako naconvince na ako pro si misis e ayaw pa rin maniwala. Fake daw yun. So ill just post pics here and you be the judge....

Here is a video if it as well:

Here is a picture of a "Real" (demagnetize) on the left and the suspected "Fake" (magnetize) on the right, see any difference?

Check your coins stash and im sure you will have a few suspected "fake" 1 peso coin.

Meanwhile ill do some research and post again soon.

UPDATE: Called up BSP cabanatuan branch and they told me that THERE IS NO FAKE 1PESO COIN. So baka nagtipid lang sila and may kasama ng metal ang composition ng bagong piso natin.

I am Rich app video walkthrough

This is a video of the I am Rich application that cost $999 and was being sold on App Store last week. It Does not do anything. It was pulled out by App Store because of the absurdity of it all. And whats more fascinating is that there were supposedly 8 people who bought the app, either by mistake or intended.

45,000 pesos para sa walang kwentang app. Shet. Di ka lang mayabang neto pagmeron ka. Bobo ka pa. hekhek.



Can Globe Centers handle the flood of people who will flock their shops? Lets find out on Aug. 22, 2008

Pics of my Puto Barrel Man

Got two. One for me and one for sale in the future. Hekhek

May ginto sa basura

Found this watch rummaging through our stockpile of old things...classic gameboy. hehehe. Just got a new battery for it and it worked again. Though sometimes it dies for awhile maybe because of battery misalignment or something. None the less it kewl. Check it out!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My new phone samsung i780

After a long while I shall post again. Ill just post pictures of my new phone... I love this phone for its big ram (126MB). Hope I get the wm6.1 upgrade soon.