Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meego out, Jolicloud in!

I had a very short honeymoon with Meego because it cant play avi files, which was essential for me because I use my netbook for internet and movies. I planned to put Ubuntu on it, but it was not meant to be because I first stumbled upon Jolicloud. Installing jolicloud was fast enough because they have an extensive tutorial in their website. First thing I tried was playing .avi files. Check! Then I tried Firefox, check! So basically it passed! Boot up was slower than meego but it was way faster than xp. Another bonus for me was installing Dropbox was a breeze! Actually installing essential apps via its apps area is just a click away! I also tried to attach the Acer Aspire One on my external screen, and it was also supported! So from now on, I think my netbook will run with this OS!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meego brings life back to my Acer AspireOne

Thank you meego. You gave my netbook life. You see my Acer Aspire before was running windows xp. Unfortunately, it was struggling with the OS. Long boot time, sluggish performance, in short, everything was in slow motion. But with Meego for netbook, now this netbook of mine is bearable to use. It boots in seconds and all essential things are in it. I havent tested it for video playback (I will going to test it as I type this) but everything else is smooth. It uses google chrome for browsing and Im fine with it. It has im capabilities, even has facebook chat!

Ill be testing this for the remainder of the week and will update this post again in a day or two. I hope that Nokia get this OS running on their phone. Based on what I am experiencing with my netbook, it is really promising.

Update: Look like it doesnt run avi files. Ill see what can I do.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My thoughts on King James going to Miami

-I like the move.
-It make sense coming from someone who wants to win a championship--with friends. (Blame it on team USA for giving LBJ the chance to play with Wade and Bosh, thus giving them a glimpse of what if we played for one team.)
-It was wrong to pronounce it on ESPN. Make a circus out it all BUT who was really to blame? LBJ is just 25 years old. And all of his high school life and pro career, everything was given to him. They even made a movie out of his jump to the NBA. The city of Cleveland milked him for 7 years. They earn atleast $150M with Lebron playing for them a season. Cleveland, the NBA, all taught him that he can do whatever he wants to do. So when he makes the mistake of doing the "the decision" everybody is surprised? Dan Gilbert created the marketing monster that is Lebron James. Sorry he bit you in the ass. You made him do it.
- They are haters out there. TONS of them. Saying that Lebron James is now that at the same level as Jordan, Kobe and the like. Really? Lets analyze the facts.
-LBJ is only different from Kobe and Jordan-- because he still doesnt have a ring.
- Kobe cried like a bitch before if you dont remember. That's why Shaq left LA. Remember that? There were rumors back then that he wanted out of LA, till he got the supporting casts he needed.
-Jordan also threatened management that if he will not be given the players he needed, he'll leave. Management gave him what he needed and he got 6 rings. (Cleveland didnt do squat to get legit backups for LBJ.)
- So lets give the man a break and lets first see if he can prove his detractors wrong-- that moving to Miami was right.
-He was a free agent after all and he did not do a Carlos Boozer.
-This is the real good time for him to team up with Wade and Bosh. He is just 25 years old and still can significantly contribute. If ever he wins 3-4 championships now, he really contributed to getting it. He will not be a Karl Malone who jumped to LA to win one but was really too old to do anything. Or a Gary Payton, Or a Charles Barkley(when he went to Houston), Or (Insert name here) any old veteran who made the switch too late.
-Miami is Wades team BUT that was last season. Now its their team.
- Anyone who loves basketball should be loving this because this will force other teams to step up their game. No more one man teams.

So thats it. I firmly believe that all this hoopla surrounding LBJ will disappear like a puff of smoke when LBJ, Wade and Bosh wins one next season. After all, its still just basketball, a sport, a sport that only cares about winning and championships.

If people forgot that Kobe was accused of raping someone and cheating on his wife because he is now a champion. What more King James who just switched teams to have fun with friends and win championships?