Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lim Family League

Here was the result of our draft:

1) TJ
2) Fritz
3) Adu

Lets see who will take advantage of their draft rank.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Getting Irritated

I just want to vent. One, no offense to the church but I think Oscar Cruz should shut up and stop messing with State affairs. He is muddling in something he has no credibility. And he is dragging the whole church with him. 2nd, hand, foot and mouth disease is the in sickness just because Kris sons have it. Pati ba naman sakit pinapauso/pinapasikat na ng artista? We have far deadlier sickness like dengue that media should focus on. 3rd, could we STOP talking about those dancing FAs! There are far more serious news worthy of our peoples attention like the globe asiatique mess, and the lasalle bar bombing. These FAs can eat fire and walk on coal and I wouldn't fracking care. If you like it then watch them, if you don't then close your fracking eyes!
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010-- Lets the game begin!

Hello everyone! Another NBA season is about to begin so that only means one thing. NBA fantasy season is about to begin as well!

Last season I managed 2 teams and finished 3rd and 4rth both were 10 team leagues. Not bad, but I was gunning to reach the final on one of the leagues but I got kicked in the butt by the eventual champ! Congrats Adu for that! LOL.

Anyways, Im planning to join 3 leagues this time. All of them H2H leagues. Im a commissioner on one league (my original cousins league), thanks for the vote of confidence cousins.

Im starting to read about preseasons predictions and some fantasy articles. Research is your best helper on any fantasy team you manage!

I do hope I get top draft right as the highest I got was only 4rth, so I hope I get into the top3 this time around! (I was unfortunate on my 2nd league as I got to pick last! Hassle! So that will be a challenge!)

Well as most of you who play fantasy I think your top 3 will also be 1)Durant 2) Lebron James 3) Chris Paul. These guys will give you the numbers you need no doubt it!

Here is my fearless forecast regarding NBA 2010-2011 season.

-Boston (sleeper team)
-Milwakee (surprise team)

-Los Angeles Lakers
-Portland (sleeper team)
-Los Angeles Clippers (surprise team)

Miami vs Los Angeles Lakers, MIA wins it in 6

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oil Companies are EVIL

These all companies are all saying there is NO OIL CARTEL. That they are NOT FIXING the price of oil. That they are just following the FLUCTUATION of the prices on the international market. YET, you see a posts or headline such as this:

Petron Corp's H1 net profit jumps 64% on higher fuel sales

THAT IS FUKCING UNBELIEVABLE. 64% HIGHER THAN LAST YEAR. Then they say straight to our face that they CANT HOLD OFF any price increase because they are losing money. FCUK that! Having a net profit that high, while the FILIPINOS ARE SUFFERING is a CRIME!

Reports such as this just make me sad. CAPITALISM AT ITS FINEST!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jolicloud out, Ubuntu for netbook in

My search for the perfect OS for my netbook continues. I really thought Jolicloud was it. I find it fast and getting apps to install was painless. I even got an upgrade to Jolicloud 1.0.But it kept crashing on me. I reinstalled it thrice. I dont know if its my netbook or the OS. Anyways, I cant keep on reinstalling an OS since sometimes I'd be out of town only with my netbook with me. So I decided to install Ubuntu. Boy, Im glad I did the switch. Though my netbook have stalled twice, I didnt have to reinstall the OS. I just needed to shutdown, unplug the laptop and its alive again. It is showing some errors when I restart it, so I think the stalling is because of my laptop. I think its the ssd. Installing of apps is also painless unlike the linux build that came with this laptop. You just have to go to Ubuntu software center, find what you like (for me its always dropbox) and click your done. One thing that surprised me with ubuntu was that tethering using my HTC hero was a breeze. Just turn on the Internet connection on the Hero, then plug it in via usb and click share internet connection and Ubuntu creates a wired connection. Painless!

A little side note on my tethering experience. I HAD to try it out because my huawei (Sun-locked) broadband wireless usb dongle cant be installed via Ubuntu. The laptop just cant detect the USB, so the software was not installing. Moving on, I bought a Globe Tattoo prepaid sim because it had a unlimited one day (24hours) internet surfing for P50 (roughly $1USD). First, you have to have atleast P55 pesos loaded on your prepaid account. Then you text SUPERSURF50 to 8888, wait for the reply confirmation and you are done. You can check your status by texting SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888 and check your balance by texting BAL to 222

So there. I think Ubuntu is here to stay. Its free and its very useful. Refreshing to have an alternative OS that is FREE.

PS. I sure wish that GLOBE also have one day internet surfing for their postpaid subscribers. Just saying.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meego out, Jolicloud in!

I had a very short honeymoon with Meego because it cant play avi files, which was essential for me because I use my netbook for internet and movies. I planned to put Ubuntu on it, but it was not meant to be because I first stumbled upon Jolicloud. Installing jolicloud was fast enough because they have an extensive tutorial in their website. First thing I tried was playing .avi files. Check! Then I tried Firefox, check! So basically it passed! Boot up was slower than meego but it was way faster than xp. Another bonus for me was installing Dropbox was a breeze! Actually installing essential apps via its apps area is just a click away! I also tried to attach the Acer Aspire One on my external screen, and it was also supported! So from now on, I think my netbook will run with this OS!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meego brings life back to my Acer AspireOne

Thank you meego. You gave my netbook life. You see my Acer Aspire before was running windows xp. Unfortunately, it was struggling with the OS. Long boot time, sluggish performance, in short, everything was in slow motion. But with Meego for netbook, now this netbook of mine is bearable to use. It boots in seconds and all essential things are in it. I havent tested it for video playback (I will going to test it as I type this) but everything else is smooth. It uses google chrome for browsing and Im fine with it. It has im capabilities, even has facebook chat!

Ill be testing this for the remainder of the week and will update this post again in a day or two. I hope that Nokia get this OS running on their phone. Based on what I am experiencing with my netbook, it is really promising.

Update: Look like it doesnt run avi files. Ill see what can I do.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My thoughts on King James going to Miami

-I like the move.
-It make sense coming from someone who wants to win a championship--with friends. (Blame it on team USA for giving LBJ the chance to play with Wade and Bosh, thus giving them a glimpse of what if we played for one team.)
-It was wrong to pronounce it on ESPN. Make a circus out it all BUT who was really to blame? LBJ is just 25 years old. And all of his high school life and pro career, everything was given to him. They even made a movie out of his jump to the NBA. The city of Cleveland milked him for 7 years. They earn atleast $150M with Lebron playing for them a season. Cleveland, the NBA, all taught him that he can do whatever he wants to do. So when he makes the mistake of doing the "the decision" everybody is surprised? Dan Gilbert created the marketing monster that is Lebron James. Sorry he bit you in the ass. You made him do it.
- They are haters out there. TONS of them. Saying that Lebron James is now that at the same level as Jordan, Kobe and the like. Really? Lets analyze the facts.
-LBJ is only different from Kobe and Jordan-- because he still doesnt have a ring.
- Kobe cried like a bitch before if you dont remember. That's why Shaq left LA. Remember that? There were rumors back then that he wanted out of LA, till he got the supporting casts he needed.
-Jordan also threatened management that if he will not be given the players he needed, he'll leave. Management gave him what he needed and he got 6 rings. (Cleveland didnt do squat to get legit backups for LBJ.)
- So lets give the man a break and lets first see if he can prove his detractors wrong-- that moving to Miami was right.
-He was a free agent after all and he did not do a Carlos Boozer.
-This is the real good time for him to team up with Wade and Bosh. He is just 25 years old and still can significantly contribute. If ever he wins 3-4 championships now, he really contributed to getting it. He will not be a Karl Malone who jumped to LA to win one but was really too old to do anything. Or a Gary Payton, Or a Charles Barkley(when he went to Houston), Or (Insert name here) any old veteran who made the switch too late.
-Miami is Wades team BUT that was last season. Now its their team.
- Anyone who loves basketball should be loving this because this will force other teams to step up their game. No more one man teams.

So thats it. I firmly believe that all this hoopla surrounding LBJ will disappear like a puff of smoke when LBJ, Wade and Bosh wins one next season. After all, its still just basketball, a sport, a sport that only cares about winning and championships.

If people forgot that Kobe was accused of raping someone and cheating on his wife because he is now a champion. What more King James who just switched teams to have fun with friends and win championships?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some Notes For Game 7 Lakers vs Celtics

-First and foremost Lakers won. As I called it, LA
-Ron Artest is no goat anymore. He has a ring to prove it.
-Rasheed is still searching for one...
-Difference from 2008 Celtic championship team from this one is that the BIG3 is not that reliable anymore. Paul Piece 5-15, Ray Allen 3-14. Wow.
-Kobe had a bad game but Pau and Ron held the boat afloat till Kobe got his groove on the 4rth.
-Like I said, For one superstar to win a championship, he needs another legit superstar to back him up. Kobe has Pau. Both are not just ALL STAR calibur but SUPERSTARS and their respective positions. So if LBJ wants to win a championship he needs another superstar, not a former all star, or former superstar, or a legit backup.
-Congrats to all the Laker fans out there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finally My HTC Hero is now rolling with official android 2.1

With the help of my friend Bny and xda-developers, my HTC Hero is now rocking with official 2.1 android. Flashing was very easy with the help of Bny. It only took 10mins. I will give screen shots tom and a mini tutorial to guide anyone out there. Thats all for now!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Recurring Foot Problems

Finally, my foot is well. Last wed, I woke up with ankle sprain pain on my right foot. The big problem was I did not do anything physically to get sprained. So I consulted with my two friend doctors, Doc Zalveen and Doc Eric. They told me to get my blood tested and so I did. The diagnosis was mild bacterial infection. I did not know that a bacterial infection can do this. So anyways, I drank antibiotic 2x a day for 5 days, and I can walk without pain again. Thank you to my doctors!

I just want to write about this is because I want to remember when this happened to me. Im having these foot pains for quite some time now. Before my right foot got "sprained", I was also having problems with my left heel. I think I have mild, gout or something. If ever this happens again I think Ill visit a rheumatic doctor again. I visited one doctor last year I think and she said that I have a low tolerance for uric acid. This means that I have normal uric acid level but I easily feel pain associated with high uric acid, hence gout.

I drink beer but not as often as before. So thats the only thing I think that can contribute to my high uric acid if ever.

So anyways, now it is noted. I got my gout attack 3rd week of May, and had this mild bacterial infection during the 1st week of june.

Hope this dont happen again.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lost -Good Finale BUT not enough SPOILER ALERT

Yes. I had a Lost marathon, from Season 3 to 6 in just 4 days. Since I was down because of a bacterial infection, I had no choice but to enjoy this mind boggling series once again. The series finale was good but it should have been better. Why? Because it left so many questions left unanswered.

First question that popped into my head was, after building the conflict between Ben and Charles for 4 long seasons, how was the conflict between them got resolved? Yes Ben got his revenge in the end but why did Charles dogged him for that long in the first place? Im just a lay man so what I got was Charles wanted to go to the island because he wants to stop the Man in black from leaving the island. But was Ben helping the Man in black escape? No. So why the conflict? As far as I got they dont have no conflict at all. Ben was trying to stop the people from leaving the island thus he was really preventing the Man in black to escape, so in essence Ben and Charles are in the same team. Yes, Ben banished Charles from the island but that was not really emphasized. Charles got banished, so what? He wants to go to the island again yes, but why hire mercenaries to kill Ben for that? Somehow this conflict got lost in translation.

Second, what happened to the rule of the island that no babies can be born on it? Again this was lost in the series. It did not get answered, it was simply put aside and got forgotten.

Third, what happened to Miles, Richard, and the pilot? They escaped the island yes and then?

Fourth, in the flash sideways that now we know as time of the afterlife for the people on the plane. Where were the other characters? Some of them died on their stay on the island but they were on the church. But a bunch of them were not there, does that mean they skipped the reunion of souls because they dont care about the other people on the island?

Fifth, whats the numbers for? Yes we know that it was suppose to represent to candidates, but why did the Dharma people stenciling it on the door? Why was it bad luck for Hurley and not for the others? Wha?

Sixth, so all the time travel that happened on the island true? If it was true whats a valid explanation for it? Because the island is mysterious? Is that a valid explanation?

Seventh, the island disappeared, it was hard to locate, spin a wheel and the island changes location...why? Can we just let them say that it was a mysterious island and we swallow it hook, line and sinker? Explain please.

To make the long story short, it seems the island and the mysteriousness of it all got pushed aside for drama between the characters. Man i know that what keeps the people happy but the island is what kept me from watching the show. Sure, the island got its importance because it was like a cork that keeps the man in black or the smoke in check but why? It just make no sense.

Dont get me wrong, I like the ending. But so many questions were left unanswered. Or maybe I was just not paying attention.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

14rth House Promises and House FAILS again!!! Bullcrap!

Have you heard the news lately? (Read about it here: Our honorable congressmen again failed to pass the Freedom of Information Act because of one simple reason. Dont dont show up for work.

Arent you pissed? They have the most lax schedule of all of us working class. They what have like sessions 3x -4x a week? For just how many months in a year? And how many hours a day?

YEEEET, they still dont show up for work. If we did this in our work or in school, we would have been fired or kicked out. YET we pay our congressmen their FULL pay and their get their FULL share of kickbacks!

Don't you see anything wrong with this shit? I do!

Why do we keep voting these people to our congress? Are we really this stupid?

Ganito ba talaga katanga ang mga pinoy?

Im an optimist but this is getting ridiculous!

I just need to vent out this kind of stupidity.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Huawei S7 Android tablet

Looks like this one is promising as this will run Android 2.1 The only problem with Android tablets is that it doesnt have online Android Market place like Android phones. Anyways I dont think Ipad is all that so Im looking forward to getting a perfect Android tablet out of the market. To read more about the product and some pictures please follow this link:
I credit for the link I provided.

P.S. Huawei if you dont know is the company that is providing us with these 3G dongles like the Globe Tattoo, Sun Broadband Prepaid, and Smart Bro Broadband

Shenanigans at the Joint House Committee

Arent we all pissed with what is happening in our joint Congress right now? I mean, we were done voting and tabulating and proclaiming votes for the senate and other local positions and YET we still dont have a President and A Vice President. Thats because we have a certain law that says only our Congress can tally the votes. But is it really that hard? Adding 220++ COCs? Even Grade 6 students can tally these votes.

What I only see are losing congressmen (tae ka Dinangaleng -spelled wrong purposely) enjoying the last minute of limelight. Why dont we just finish the tally first, hear real complaints, and proclaim the winners for the Pres and the VP. Then let us give these losing (sour losers) candidates a channel to waste their time. Like giving them channel 99 on our cable so they can shout and talk till they turn blue. Dont get me wrong, some of their complaints are legitimate. But repeating this for 100 times will not correct the mistakes of the past elections.

NAKAKAPIKON na kayo a! When it looks and smells like shit. Then it is shit.

Get your act together joint congress. The more you prolong this, the more the Filipino people loses hope about their future. All the world knows who won the election, why does it take you long to legitimize our election?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dropbox - Everyone should have one

Have you heard of Dropbox? Well its an online "cloud" storage for your files. ANY file. Whats good about it is that when you install it on your laptop and your PC, for example, you can sync files from both computers by just drag and dropping files to the Dropbox folder. Isnt that neat??? You dont a flash drive to transfer files from one pc to another. Just drag, drop and its synced! Its that easy.

Another good thing is that you can retrieve any of your file from ANY computer by just logging on to the dropbox site and you have all your files stored there too!

The best thing about it is that its FREE. Yes you heard it right. FREE. You have 2gig for starters and you can increase it through a referral program up t0 10gig.

I want that free 10gig of storage so if you are interested, just use my referral link and start syncing and sharing your files!!!

PS. Dropbox also have mobile version for the Iphone and Anroid. So what are you waaitng for. The best solution for files syncing around. Trust me! I have used it personally and its cool!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Acer Aspire One Saga Continues

Hello world!

I just want to say that im done with Linux. You see I tried to use linux linpus the orig OS on my acer aspire one 8gig since the XP I installed before was grounding into a halt. It was good for basic use. I had office apps, skype, firefox, azureus, BUT that was it. What gave me the urge to install XP again was the sun broadband usb that I cant use with linux.

So yesterday night, I reinstalled Rons tiny xp which was configured for netbooks with small capacity. So here I am using XP again, and I have used my sun broadband usb! Though it was like dail up speed since there is no 3G here in the province.

I have started installing some basic programs into it. Like ofcoures firefox and some of its add ons, dropbox, etc.

Then I came up with an idea of just using portable version of some apps so that it wont eat up my very limited capacity on the AcerAspireOne. Here is what I have installed so far:
-clamwin (antivirus)
-miranda (multiple IM client)

Thats it for now. Im using these portable versions so that my netbook wont ground to a halt again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sari-saring Kuro-kuro #1

Since I dont have time to post much... I will try to make my posts longer so I can write about anything and everything I think is relevant in my daily life right now.

Well, one good thing going for me and my family is that we are going to start a new school next school year (cross-fingers). I dont want to jinx it or anything like that so ill just tell it in detail when it is 100% sure, and is up and running already. If you have a child aged 2-4 you may want them to go to our school. The name is Caterpillar School and if you leave in San Juan City then the school will be familiar to you.

On the techie side of thins, im planning to buy a dual qwerty phone because my dual phone right now has a crack on its screen, making it hard for me to read my messages. Im eyeing a Myphone Q22 or a Cherry Mobile qwerty dual sim. Yes in know its now a known brand but i want the convinience of having just one phone for my globe and my sun. So if you are a seller of MyPhone and Cherry Mobile you may want to contact me and I may buy one from you.

Im getting tired of my Nokia n800 Internet Tablet so im selling it and posting to some of the local selling sites if time permits. Now that i have my aspire one back again (I lent it to my mom) I dont have much use for my n800 anymore. If you are familiar with the N800 NIT and you want to own one, you may want to contact me. (Feb 24, 2010 time of writing). I also bought a 9-cell battery on ebay that will let my AspireOne run at around 12hours (quoted) so im pretty thrilled. I will post here if it meets expectations.

I was also planning to buy a Creative Vado HD, I did bid on it on ebay but I lost the last minute (thank you God, or i may have regret the impulse buy). But as of looking at the gadgets that i have right now, specifically my Sanyo Xacti C1 (its not HD but I dont need HD cause I just plan to use it to post my sons videos on Youtube), I realized that I dont really need it. Maybe Ill just ask my cousin if she wants me to buy one for her as she is the one who tickled my curiosity when she said she need a portable video camera (she did mention another brand but i think the creative vado HDis far superior).

My dream phone is still the n900 but i dont have the budget to splurdge riht now so the n900 will still remain a dream for now. LOL.

On the political side of things, the election fever is getting hotter and hotter. Im still team NoyNoy Aquino because I think he is the most competent of all the people running. The number one quality Im looking for is the one who I think love the county. That is what is lacking from all the presidentiable out there. If one loves his/her country.. "kung magnanakaw man siya" (which is almost certain) he/she will not be so selfish like GMA.

Talking about GMA, I cant believe that our supreme court upheld that she can run for congress. That is BS right from the very start. Well I dont mind her running after her presidency but not right after. Campaigning while she is the President of the land is disadvantagous and very dangerous. She can pour all the budget to the district she is running in, like what she is doing discreetly now. But it can intesify into a full blown BS when the campaigning fever starts for congress.

I still believe that this upcoming election can be successful and historical for everyone of us. BUT we must be vigilant. This talk about prolonged blackouts in Mindanao smell like and feels like shit. We all know how GMA cheated his way into her 2nd presidency via the Ampatuans in Mindanao, so please please lets us all be watchfull on what will happen in Mindanao this coming elections. The news about Comelec printing 2 million ballots with NO security seals should ring alarm bells for all of us.

I cannot end this very long posts withour mentioning my son. LOL. He is very smart and as of yesterday, my wife told me that he has learned 2 new tricks!

See you all again next time! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hello to the New Year

Ang tagal ko na hindi nagblog a. Hahahaha. Tamad e.

Anyways, Braeden is now 9months. He is a super energetic baby! Grabe, kakapagod siyang bantayan. Nakakamatay sa likot ang anak ko! Buti nalang may yaya kami, kung di matagal na akong inatake sa puso! Hahaha.

Anyways, on my nba fantasy leagues, Im sitting 1st in one, (thanks!) and fourth in another. Pretty good since I only started playing 3 years ago, and that time I am always at the bottom of the standings.

Again, Ill try to writhe something here, once a week just to make this blog-- atleast updated.

Kadiri lang talaga yung mga senators and congressmen natin. Kaka-asar. Why do we keep voting for these kinds of douchbags?