Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lim Family League

Here was the result of our draft:

1) TJ
2) Fritz
3) Adu

Lets see who will take advantage of their draft rank.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Getting Irritated

I just want to vent. One, no offense to the church but I think Oscar Cruz should shut up and stop messing with State affairs. He is muddling in something he has no credibility. And he is dragging the whole church with him. 2nd, hand, foot and mouth disease is the in sickness just because Kris sons have it. Pati ba naman sakit pinapauso/pinapasikat na ng artista? We have far deadlier sickness like dengue that media should focus on. 3rd, could we STOP talking about those dancing FAs! There are far more serious news worthy of our peoples attention like the globe asiatique mess, and the lasalle bar bombing. These FAs can eat fire and walk on coal and I wouldn't fracking care. If you like it then watch them, if you don't then close your fracking eyes!
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NBA Fantasy 2010-- Lets the game begin!

Hello everyone! Another NBA season is about to begin so that only means one thing. NBA fantasy season is about to begin as well!

Last season I managed 2 teams and finished 3rd and 4rth both were 10 team leagues. Not bad, but I was gunning to reach the final on one of the leagues but I got kicked in the butt by the eventual champ! Congrats Adu for that! LOL.

Anyways, Im planning to join 3 leagues this time. All of them H2H leagues. Im a commissioner on one league (my original cousins league), thanks for the vote of confidence cousins.

Im starting to read about preseasons predictions and some fantasy articles. Research is your best helper on any fantasy team you manage!

I do hope I get top draft right as the highest I got was only 4rth, so I hope I get into the top3 this time around! (I was unfortunate on my 2nd league as I got to pick last! Hassle! So that will be a challenge!)

Well as most of you who play fantasy I think your top 3 will also be 1)Durant 2) Lebron James 3) Chris Paul. These guys will give you the numbers you need no doubt it!

Here is my fearless forecast regarding NBA 2010-2011 season.

-Boston (sleeper team)
-Milwakee (surprise team)

-Los Angeles Lakers
-Portland (sleeper team)
-Los Angeles Clippers (surprise team)

Miami vs Los Angeles Lakers, MIA wins it in 6