Monday, August 08, 2011

Android Apps I Use

Because @chippy (search and follow him on twitter) which I follow for tech news and reviews, made a lists
of apps he uses for his tab. I will also write about apps i often use on my Samsung galaxy tab 7.

Actually upon checking just now I have a whopping 141 apps. And that are only user apps. That does not include system apps that i have no control.

Here are the apps I use most often:

Launcher pro - i hate the samsung launcher
Twitter - i love tweeting
Camera360 - for multiple camera styles
Camscannr - for scanning reciepts, notes, calling cards
Springpad - for my notes w/ password
Bloggeroid - for updating my blog via galaxy tab
Awesome drop - for putting apps on my galaxy tab
Fring - for multiple IMs and video chat
Remotepc - to make my galaxy tab a mouse for my pc
DolohinHD - for browsing the net
Clickthecity - to check movie schedules
Readitlater - so i can read any article offline
Newsrob - for google reader integration
CoPilot - for gps navigation
Ewallet viewer -for pws (from winphone)
Pocket - for pws
Xe currency
HeyTell - for leaving voice messages to friends
Weather Bug - for weather updates
Wapedia - wikipedia
Titanium backup - to backup all my data

And games like:
Angry birds
Cut the rope
Coin Pirates

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