Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oil Companies are EVIL

These all companies are all saying there is NO OIL CARTEL. That they are NOT FIXING the price of oil. That they are just following the FLUCTUATION of the prices on the international market. YET, you see a posts or headline such as this:

Petron Corp's H1 net profit jumps 64% on higher fuel sales

THAT IS FUKCING UNBELIEVABLE. 64% HIGHER THAN LAST YEAR. Then they say straight to our face that they CANT HOLD OFF any price increase because they are losing money. FCUK that! Having a net profit that high, while the FILIPINOS ARE SUFFERING is a CRIME!

Reports such as this just make me sad. CAPITALISM AT ITS FINEST!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Jolicloud out, Ubuntu for netbook in

My search for the perfect OS for my netbook continues. I really thought Jolicloud was it. I find it fast and getting apps to install was painless. I even got an upgrade to Jolicloud 1.0.But it kept crashing on me. I reinstalled it thrice. I dont know if its my netbook or the OS. Anyways, I cant keep on reinstalling an OS since sometimes I'd be out of town only with my netbook with me. So I decided to install Ubuntu. Boy, Im glad I did the switch. Though my netbook have stalled twice, I didnt have to reinstall the OS. I just needed to shutdown, unplug the laptop and its alive again. It is showing some errors when I restart it, so I think the stalling is because of my laptop. I think its the ssd. Installing of apps is also painless unlike the linux build that came with this laptop. You just have to go to Ubuntu software center, find what you like (for me its always dropbox) and click your done. One thing that surprised me with ubuntu was that tethering using my HTC hero was a breeze. Just turn on the Internet connection on the Hero, then plug it in via usb and click share internet connection and Ubuntu creates a wired connection. Painless!

A little side note on my tethering experience. I HAD to try it out because my huawei (Sun-locked) broadband wireless usb dongle cant be installed via Ubuntu. The laptop just cant detect the USB, so the software was not installing. Moving on, I bought a Globe Tattoo prepaid sim because it had a unlimited one day (24hours) internet surfing for P50 (roughly $1USD). First, you have to have atleast P55 pesos loaded on your prepaid account. Then you text SUPERSURF50 to 8888, wait for the reply confirmation and you are done. You can check your status by texting SUPERSURF STATUS to 8888 and check your balance by texting BAL to 222

So there. I think Ubuntu is here to stay. Its free and its very useful. Refreshing to have an alternative OS that is FREE.

PS. I sure wish that GLOBE also have one day internet surfing for their postpaid subscribers. Just saying.