Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bangkok Hakot!

Well i still cant get over my bangkok trip so ill be posting all the things i brought from there. Comparing bangkok to manila i can just say that our country is way way way way behind. Their highways, their astonishing airport, and how they have special discounts for tourists.... I can only envy it all. The government of bangkok is making their country tourists-friendly and because of that, their country is growing by leaps and bounds. Sana ganito din sa Pilipinas! And they are doing all of these with the language barrier still there! Most thais cant understand english! Kung dito sana sa pilipinas yan wala na sana maliligaw ng foreigner!


Went to bangkok with my gf, older bro, and his gf. Stayed with my barkada and best friend. Ganda ng condo unit niya astig! Thanks mabs! Stayed there for 6 full days. Shopped to death. Both 47-48 pcs of new things. Either a shirt, o trinket or something. Got to ride an elephant! hehehe. Didnt get the chance to go to potpong, natakot ako maloko e. Hehe. But I shall return!