Sunday, March 25, 2007

Psp game reviews part 4

MLB 07: The Show

I dont play baseball. I dont even watch regular season games. I only watch a couple of games of the championship each year. But I am really enjoying playing this game. It has full season mode and quick game mode. What I am really enjoy playing is the career mode where you create your own player and you hone up his skill until he reaches the best league in the world: MLB! I have been playing this game for a week now non-stop but my player is until now just a low rank in the batting list. I was just inked to a 4 year contract as a philly. I was in the AAA for about 3-4 days. So you see, it is really like you are the one who controls your players destiny. Controls are great. Sound and background noise is good. Even the commentators are a fun the hear. Though what they say tend to just repeat after you have played the game as much as i have. Learning curve is pretty stiff. An hour or two is not enough the really enjoy the potential of this game. Highly recommended to those who are really sports minded.

Ratings:5 out of 5 stars

NFL Street2 unleashed

Though this game is a bit old. I decided to still play it because i still dont have a football game in my collection. And i just want to declare that i am NOT disappointed. Gameplay is really fun. Learning curve is just 30-60mins then the fun begins. This is not a serious football game. It is full of fantastic moves and crispy passes and diving touchdowns! Though you still have to call offensive and defensive plays. Its really easy to learn. Game is played normally with 6 players to a team. The usual 4 plays to move 10 yards. The fun here is that you can do fancy moves like walk a wall or throw a no look behind the back pass! I recommend that you create a player and a team from scratch. Lord it over the street and after you have concquered the streets. Now, you can invade the NFL teams! Very very nice music tracks. Astig clothes and bling bling all around. You can play this game over and over and over again. For the sports minded dude!

Ratings: 4 stars out of 5 stars

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Psp game reviews part 3

The Warriors

The first thing you will notice is the size if this game. Its about 1.7gig in cso format. (Had to buy another 2gig because of this game.) But the wait is definitely worth it! Got to play this game back when i still had a ps2 and this is one of the best games i have played with that console. I can also say that by far this is the best game i had played in a psp too! Its GTA style combined with defjam...kinda. You roam around with your gang members called The Warriors. This is based on a movie way back in the 1970s and rumor has it that they are planning to remake this movie because of the success of this game on the PS2. You steal, abuse, punch, destroy, kick, break your way into stores, cars, streets, bystanders and rival gang thugs! In the game there are other minigames you can play. There is a game mode wherein you can create your own gang, name it, choose your gang members within the warrior game and pit it against other gangs out there! I cant stop praising this game. You can get around 20-30 hours on this game because there is so many things to do!

Rating 5 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth it!

M.A.C.H.(modifies air combat heroes)

Well, this is a racing game that uses airplanes. Nice graphics and controls. I really like the dogfights wherein you fly around shooting other jetfighters and how you get the highest frag after the round. The game is very easy to learn. All other levels are pretty easy other than the last level. Nice racing a jetplane for a change instead of cars. You will probably enjoy this for 5-6 hours then the game tends to get boring

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Monday, March 12, 2007

300 the movie

Super great movie! Its a must see. I know all the diehard movie fans have watched the movie already. All i can say that after watching the movie its all oooooohhhhhs and ahhhhhhhs from the movie goers!
Rating of the movie 5 out of 5 stars. Watch it over and over again!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

300 part 1

Im planning to watch 300 later with my friends. Ill make a review after that. Now is a review of the 300 game on the psp.

Well i just hope that the movie is NOT like the game. The game is not good at all. Yes you kill persians left and right, have few nifty moves and the grapichs on the story telling part is cool, but the gameplay is not to be desired. Some screen angles are bad that you cant even see your character. On the positive side, its a bit entertaining slaughtering about a dozen persians at a time. You need to duck and cover yourself with your shield from time to time because a rain of arrows comes down killing anyone who is not on guard. But there are more negative than positive in playing this game. Its frustrating because your player doesnt do what you intend it to do. Your player just keeps on hacking and hacking. Y0u tend to use two equipments here, one is the sword and one is the spear. The sword is for most of the combat while the spear is for killing opponents with shields. YET, you dont really know when will the spear penetrate the enemies shield. So you end up getting hit while you hack and slash while wishing that their damn shield get destroyed. And the blocking mechanism in this game suck! You can still block opponents attacking from the back, while sometimes you cant defend attacks coming from the front! Arrgh! IN short this game is a watered down version of dynasty warriors.
Rating: 2 stars out of 5 stars. Dont buy.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Palay investment oppurtunity

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Walang magawa again!

Hay wala na namang magawa... as usual andito na naman ako sa province. Watching the news and walang laman ang news kung di chismis. Last week panay Kris Aguino ngayon naman panay Vilma Santos. Will this never end? Baket pati news natin e tabloid style? Ganon lang ba ang level ng intellect natin? Guess the answer is Yes. Lets face it, as long as nasisikmura ng mg pinoy na iboto si Goma si Cesar and but nalang at nagbackout si Pacman e hanggang dito lang ang maabot natin. Speaking of voting sino kaya ang masarap iboto? Yun talagang may gagawin and hindi lang magpapagwapo at magpapalamig sa senado? Siguro right of the top of my head ill just vote for 5 or 6 sentors... Dami ko kasi binoto last last election e wala namang ginawa. One is Oreta. Ano ba talaga nagawa nun except magsayaw sa senado. Putek sayang ang boto ko. Angara akala ko pa naman matalino at magaling. Siguro sumobra sa utak, ayun bumalimbing... tsk tsk what a waste. Siguro pwede na si Lacson and si Joker as reelectionists pero si Loren ba e dapat ibalik? Is she worth voting for? Grabe sa dami ng tumatakbo ito lang mga naiisip kong iboto. Ay Noynoy Aquino pala is a shoo in for his father. Pero kahti siguro iboto ko ang lahat ng tingin ko na nararapat iboto sa senado e tinging ko talaga e wala din kwenta to kasi reading from opinions from The Philippine Star e 70-80%percent of congress and local leaders e yayariin nila Ate Gloria. So kung nga makuna nila ang 70% of the Congress siguradong CHACHA na to. Yari ang Pilipinas neto. Pakshet. Di na matatanggal ang ating mga pulutiko ngayon pagnagkataon. Sana wag pumayag ang mga Pilipino...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mga tanong... alam niyo ba ang sagot?

Tanong #1 and #2

baket ba tinawag na putok ang body odor? at baket tinawag na singaw ang mouth sore? di ba dapat baliktad to? isipin niyo ang BO ay singaw na mabaho ng katawan at ang mouth sore e pumutok na sugat sa labi. sino ba ang nagimbento sa mga words na mga to at pinagbaliktad pa nila ang meaning?

Tanong #3

baket kaya ginawang philippine idol ang title ng ginawang version ng american idol? di ba parang mali? di ba dapat filipino idol and tamang katumbas ng american idol. kasi kung tama ang philippine idol a dapat ang title nito e america idol or USA idol. ewan wala lang akong magawa. hehe

Psp game reviews

Here is another set of PSP game reviews:

The best nba simulation game i have ever played on the psp. Though the moves are not as flashy as what we see on its rival game NBA live 2007, the simulation of a basketball game is way way better. For one shooting the ball is not as easy as you may think. You have to release the shoot button at just the right time for the your shot to go in. It is indicated by the color of the ball upon release. Green is good, yet still blockable. Yellow has a 75-50% chance of going in. Orange has 50-20% chance. While red means 20-0% chance. So it will take a lot of practice before you start beating cpu opponets. There are other mini games that this title offer. One is the conquest mode where you play street ball with other nba cities until you cover all the cities and become the only team on the land! Other games are carnival games that you see played with a ball. So far i have played two seasons of basketball and i cant still get enough of this game!
Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Chili Con Carnage
A shoot and blow up everything kind of game. You play as a son who is out for revenge on the killers of your father. That's as thick as the story line gets. You just shoot shoot, kill kill, and blow up everything up! You can even shoot innocent chickens while you are at it! What makes this game addictive and fun is that you can kill all the evil dudes while your in bullet time mode "ala" matrix. You also pick up cool power ups like the tornado move (where you turn like a tornado and kill everyone 360 degrees of you). Im just into a quarter of this game but im enjoying every minute of it. Im sure you will too!
Rating 4.0 out of 5 stars

You play as a ninja. It has a story around it but who cares?! You unlock other playable characters as the game progresses but i only use my original male character because the other characters i have unlocked so far are all dumb-asses. The objective of the game is to kill, rob, trasport, assasinate, etc., just as a real ninja would do. I really like the finishing moves where your opponent doesnt see you and you perform a killer stealth move! Awesome! Show me more blood! Waahahaha. Camera angles are not that good and need getting used to.
Rating 3.5 out of 5 stars