Friday, November 25, 2005

Accessories for Gmini400

Well I've been looking around for some accessories for my gmini400 and i found out na I cant source anything locally. I was looking for a silicon case and leather case for it. For the silicon case, I judt ordered online. This is the first time I had done this so sana everything will turn out as expected. With the leather case naman. I just bought a casing for a 6630 phone. Medyo pilit pero I cant find anything better na kasi. Well here are some pictures: Pede na perfect fit naman e. I have also added 26 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho known to most of you as Ghost Fighter. Hehe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

After a lng wait

After such as long absence i am back. Hehehe. Just purchase for myself a new gadget called Archos Gmini 400. Having a ton of funs with it! Some pics will be posted some other day. Tinatamad akong magpicture e. Hehe. Well it can play videos on its 2.2" screen. Medyo nga namang maliit pero i can attach this device to any TV and i can watch the videos from there. Cool Huh? Ipod video cant do that as far as i know... Well sige na nga makapagpost nanga ng pic. Well here it is: Well i spent half a day fixing the mp3s inside. Loaded it with friends season 10 and the shield season 4. Added some recent pictures of gimiks inside. Ans it still has some 7 gigs left. Ok sulit. The thing im not satisfied is the battery life. Its just too short. On my use only 1 hour of videos and a couple of hours of music, one reduced the battery bar to one. (it has only 3 battery bars.) That's all folks!