Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bagyong Pedring

Another strong typhoon another disaster. Ganon nalang ba parati? Ano ba talaga ang problema natin? No doubt, nagimprove naman na ang PAGASA. I give them that. But how about the other agencies and local government units?

Many local government units told the media that they informed their citizenship about the impending rise in flood waters. And they told the media that these people refused evacuation. The question is why? Maybe because they don't believe in PAGASA. I for one don't believe ANY of their predictions because they were extremely unreliable. And some of them answered that they don't want to leave their houses because they are afraid of thievery. Who can blame them? If their untrusted neighbor isn't evacuating why would they?

I think we can enforce some tactics for all these people to evacuate (with force). One, we should evacuate all of them and cordon out the place to minimize thievery. If there's no one left, who would steal right? Also, we should also tell people that IF they don't go to evacuation centers, then they will NOT receive ANY relief goods. I know this sounds like inhumane but if these people know they they won't get goods if they stayed AND won't lose things to thieves I'm sure they will go to centers.

Lastly, I know that these floodings are in part due to climate change but I don't believe that that's the only cause. One. DAM! Don't BS us that it was not to blame for the floodings in Pampanga, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. Don't tell us that these Dams did not even contribute a single cubic meters of water to the floods! Even our Dam administrators don't believe PAGASA! Two, dredge the rivers already! If our river beds are equal or higher than the towns and rice fields, then where do we expect these water to go?

In short, this tradegy boils down to distrust. We distrust PAGASA. We distrust our local politicians. We distrust our neighbors. Who to blame now? Only ourselves.

It's time to build a new national social awareness.

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