Monday, September 29, 2008


Xbox 360 is for me, and the wii is for my wife. Hehehe. Its really a good group console. Enjoying it, but my wife is enjoying it more.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

USB "thumb" Drive

SUN unsolicited text messages

Tired of getting those dreaded free ringtones messages from SUN every morning? (For me it comes every 8am) I have found a solution! Have tried it myself and Ill report tomorrow morning if it worked.

send MYFREE OFF to 2346

After trying this, i have not received anymore unsolicited text messages. It works! Wahoooo.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

US shows are Back and Im Happy

Yes! Ohhhhh Yeah. American shows are back with a vengeance! Almost all of my favorite shows have started their seasons and Im happy following each and everyone of them. Here are the shows im following:

The Shield (season 7)
How I Met Your Mother (season 4)
House (season 5)
Entourage (season 5)
Heroes (season 3)
Big Bang Theory (season 2)
Criminal Minds (season 4)
CSI: New York (season 5)

And ofcourse im still waiting for these to start:
CSI (season 9?)
Samantha Who (season 2)
The 4400 (season 4?)
Everybody Hates Chris (season 5)
Weeds (season 5?)

I cant think of anything but there are still many shows im following... Aha Lost and Prison Break. Im not up to date with these shows but I think ill watch them again.

Lets GO! Bili na tayo!

Friday, September 26, 2008

IM back in Manila, etc.

Yes! Its good to be back in manila. Its better because its good to be with my wife again. Di muna ako gigimik, sasamahan ko muna si misis sa bahay. Bukas na ang bulakbol. Hehehe.

Anyways thank you! Panalo ateneo! Wahoooo! I think we have a good chance of repeating. I bet my ass finals ulit ateneo next season. Anyway, wag muna yan isipin, lets just enjoy this championship.

Tingin ko kaya si Baclao naging MVP because he eptiomizes what Ateno was all about during the finals. And thats defense!

Yes. After almost 3 years of blogging...umabot din ako sa 3000 page views. And take not, 2000 nyan sa akin. Hahahaha.

Anyways again, Ill be posting a for sale section here in my blog in the near future. Hope tangkilin niyo ang mga items ko para naman kumita ako at dumami pa ang blog ko kasi nga kumikita na ako, Shalamas.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HTC G1 and Android OS is here

Damn! Astig tong bagong phone na tow. Hindi lang bagong phone, bago din ang OS or operating system niya. Ito ang tinatawag na google phone. Ginawa para sa google lang talaga. So ang gmail, gmaps with street view, google talk ay embedded na. At hindi mo kailangan ng parang itunes to sync ang mga laman ito sa desktop mo. Kung anong nasa phone na ito yun na mismo ang nasa laptop or pc mo. Ganon kagaling. Kelan kaya to mapupunta sa Pilipinas? I WANT ONE. Sa end of October pa to magiging available sa USA so malamang e mga November pa magkakaroon to sa Pilipinas. Pero malakas to sa 3G signal so malamang hindi to magiging ganon ka usefull sa akin kasi wala naman 3G dito sa probinsya... and if kung meron man e, medyo mahal din. Pero may wifi naman e. Hmmmm. Sana mga nasa 20-25k lang to pagdating sa Pilipinas. Calling on Globe or Smart, or Sun... Get this PHONE!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dino Hoodies for Sale!

Wanna standout in a crowd?

Check this out! Kewl he? Why dont you click on this link to order one for you or your love ones!
Only PHP1,800.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ateneo Vs Lasalle 2008 Finals, blow by blow update

I will update you fans as best as I can

admu 4-2 dlsu 6:20 1st
admu 4-4 dlsu 5:58 1st timout.. ateneo 3 turnovers already.
lasalle over the foul limit 4:51
admu 6-4 dlsu 2 ft by buenafe
admu 8-4 dlsu 2ft by al hussaini
admu 8-6 dlsu shot by rico m 3:31 1st
admu 10-6 dlsu 2pts by salamat
fact 3-8 fg admu, 3-14 lasalle
ateneo commits 7th Turn Over
3pt shot by rico m 10-9 admu
3pt shot by buenafe 13-9 admu
Both teams over the foul limit
1 ft by revilla 13-10 1st Q 1:00
Foul by baclao
2ft barrua 13-12 admu
2pt by badlos 15-12 admu
end of 1st q

charging foul on salamat
al hussaini 1-5 FG
ateneo 10 turnovers lasalle 3 TOs
18-12 asdu 3pt shot by reyes
18-14 shot by rico m 6:44 2nd Q
12 TOs by admu
18-16 2ft by rico m 6:04 2nd Q
Foul counted on al hussaini, foul by rico m 20-16 admu in the lead
1ft by al husseini 21-16
2pts by villanueva 21-18
2pts by al husseini 23-18
2pts by casio 23-20 4:27 2nd Q
buenafe 7pts, 7rebs, 3 assists
1ft by buenafe
2pts by barrua
24-24 all via 2ft by revilla
2pts by buenafe 8rebs for him 26-24 admu leads.
2ft by ferdinand 26-26 tie
foul counted on casio, foul on uri, admu 14TOs 28-26 dlsu leads. timeout.
1ft by casio 29-26 dlsu leads
2ft by long 29-28 dlsu leads
casio 3-9 fgs
1ft by buenafe 29-29 all
2pts by hussaini 31-29 admu leads
1ft by long 1:13 2nd Q 32-29 admu on a 6-0 run
1ft by buenafe 33-29 admu leads
3pts by reyes 36-29 admu leads ast by buenafe
end of 2nd
star of the 1st half buenafe 12pts, 8rebs (3 offensive), 4ast.

half time stats
admu vs dlsu
13/29 FG 8/24
12 ast 4
15 tos 7

start of 3rd Q
2pts by al h 38-29 admu leads
2pts by al h 40-29 admu leads
14-0 run by admu
3 pt play by mangahas
1ft by mangahas 40-32 admu leads 8:22 3rd Q
17 TOs by admu
double Technical on mangahas and salamat
mangahas commits his 4rth foul
2pts baclao via offensive reb 42-32 timeout
3pt play oppor for casio
1ft by casio 42-35 admu leads
2pts by al hussaini (17pts) 44-35
both teams over the foul limit
1ft by baclao 45-35 admu leads 5:11 3rdQ
2pts by reyes 47-35
2pts by barrua 47-37
2ft by reyes 49-37
3pt oppor by al hussaini 51-37 missed 1ft
unsportmanlike foul on al hussaini
1ft by rico m, 2 pts by casio 51-40 3:00
3pts by casio 51-43 admu leads, timeout
2pts by al hussaini 53-43
block by baclao
travel by rico m
offensive foul by baclao
baclao 3 blocks
2pts by al hussaini (23pts) 10-18 shooting 55-43 1:05
2ft by rico m 55-45
TO by admu
end of 3rd, 12pts for al hussaini for the quarter

start of 4rth
block by baclao (4rth block shot)
travelling on villanueva
2pts by malabes 55-47
2nd foul on casio
2pts by malabes 55-49
foul on salamat his 4rth
block by rico m
foul an al hussaini
2-15 3pt fg for dlsu
foul on rico m (4rth personal)
2pts by al hussaini (25pts, 9 rebs) 57-49 admu leads
foul by al hussaini on rico m
1 out of 2 on the ft line 57-50
2pts by baclao 59-50 5:10 remaining
2pts by al hussaini (27 big points) 61-50 admu leads
timeout dlsu
2pts by casio 7-21 fgs
2pts for al hussaini on tiu assist
10th rebound by al hussaini
2pts by tiu 65-52
3pts by casio 65-55
block by baclao (5blocks) over mangahas
2ft by rico m (13pts , 13 rebs) 65-57
last 2 mins
offensive rebound by baclao
2pts by al hussaini (31pts!!!!) 67-57
2pts by rico m assist by casio 67-59 1:00
2pts by mangahas 67-61
timeout by admu
block by baclao over rico m (7th block) (Kain na Kain!)
2ft by reyes 69-61

Ayan na!

Sa mga taga-ibang bansa na readers ko, ateneo vs lasalle finals na sa uaap mamaya. 4pm. Yahoo excited na ako kasi medyo may laban ang ateneo this year. Sana manalo naman kami. 2002 pa ang last chamionship e. Go Ateneo One Big Fight. Update ko mamaya sino ang nanalo..

Friday, September 19, 2008

2Days w/o Internet Connecton

Hay salamat meron na ulit kaming internet connection. Damn Rats chewed on the cables going to the smart bro antenna. Had to wait for two days for the technical guys to replace the cable. They were here yesterday but the cable they brought was defective. Atleast Im back! Can continue downloading pinoy movies again (my current download bug) and posting blogs. Thank you smart! Akala ko pinutulan niyo na ako. Haha.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008 behind the times

I had a problem with my account, I will not go into the details but I emailed their customer service and their customer representative got back to me asap. I told them about my problem and she (the representative) told me that I had to verify my identity so I can restore my account. Here the problem began. They told me I had to FAX or MAIL in my info. Whatdahell??? Am I reading this right? a premier onlince auction site dont accept my infos as attachement on email or link? Am I reading this right???? They can conduct a thousand auctions daily, get MY payment via online transaction but they CANT accept email attachments for security reasons? Thats customer service for you! I expect this kind of treatment on other new online sites but on EBAY??? There something terrribly wrong with them. Sorry I just had to vent out... Its like they dont want to help me.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Its Almost Over

Our rest week is almost over... Hay...thank you for all the friends that went out with us. We shall meet you all again in the end of sept. Its time again to buckle down to work. 

By the way google chorme beta is out. Its the new browser from Google. Check it out. So far no problems with it. But initial impression is that firefox browser is a tad bit easier to use. Maybe its because i have been using firefox for over 2 years. So just visit google and download!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pocket Earth 3.5

Here is another app for your wm device. It shows the earth and any
city you want. You can update it with weather, sunrise and sunset. You
can aslo know the distance from any two cities you want. Pretty cool
app as the globe rotates automatically. You can also you GPS with it,
though I havent tried it yet.


Manila... We are going back to manila finally. Hehe. Have to visit my angkong and lea's lola. Have a week or rest. O yes! I doubt if i can post while im in manila.... Have to enjoy my rest. Hehe.

Color change

Just wanted to change some things... is it better?

Meizu M8

Tagal ko ng inaabangan to... Pinaka glorified and usable of all the iphone wannabes from China. Meizu is a pmp, mp3 maker, and they are trying the phone market... Here is their first try. Muka talagang iphone! Pero rumors are mahal din to.. kasi malaki din ang memory niya... 4gig and 8gig ata ang magiging available... stay tuned.