Friday, November 11, 2011

What Was I Doing on 11/11/11?

I just want to post something today because of the memorable date. I want to remember what was I doing today. And guess what, nothing significant! I'm here in the province substituting for mom. Just watching TV since the store is already close.

Well thats it. Lol.

Anyways, hope NBA lockout ends soon.I miss watching basketball.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Bagyong Pedring

Another strong typhoon another disaster. Ganon nalang ba parati? Ano ba talaga ang problema natin? No doubt, nagimprove naman na ang PAGASA. I give them that. But how about the other agencies and local government units?

Many local government units told the media that they informed their citizenship about the impending rise in flood waters. And they told the media that these people refused evacuation. The question is why? Maybe because they don't believe in PAGASA. I for one don't believe ANY of their predictions because they were extremely unreliable. And some of them answered that they don't want to leave their houses because they are afraid of thievery. Who can blame them? If their untrusted neighbor isn't evacuating why would they?

I think we can enforce some tactics for all these people to evacuate (with force). One, we should evacuate all of them and cordon out the place to minimize thievery. If there's no one left, who would steal right? Also, we should also tell people that IF they don't go to evacuation centers, then they will NOT receive ANY relief goods. I know this sounds like inhumane but if these people know they they won't get goods if they stayed AND won't lose things to thieves I'm sure they will go to centers.

Lastly, I know that these floodings are in part due to climate change but I don't believe that that's the only cause. One. DAM! Don't BS us that it was not to blame for the floodings in Pampanga, Bulacan and Nueva Ecija. Don't tell us that these Dams did not even contribute a single cubic meters of water to the floods! Even our Dam administrators don't believe PAGASA! Two, dredge the rivers already! If our river beds are equal or higher than the towns and rice fields, then where do we expect these water to go?

In short, this tradegy boils down to distrust. We distrust PAGASA. We distrust our local politicians. We distrust our neighbors. Who to blame now? Only ourselves.

It's time to build a new national social awareness.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Android Apps I Use

Because @chippy (search and follow him on twitter) which I follow for tech news and reviews, made a lists
of apps he uses for his tab. I will also write about apps i often use on my Samsung galaxy tab 7.

Actually upon checking just now I have a whopping 141 apps. And that are only user apps. That does not include system apps that i have no control.

Here are the apps I use most often:

Launcher pro - i hate the samsung launcher
Twitter - i love tweeting
Camera360 - for multiple camera styles
Camscannr - for scanning reciepts, notes, calling cards
Springpad - for my notes w/ password
Bloggeroid - for updating my blog via galaxy tab
Awesome drop - for putting apps on my galaxy tab
Fring - for multiple IMs and video chat
Remotepc - to make my galaxy tab a mouse for my pc
DolohinHD - for browsing the net
Clickthecity - to check movie schedules
Readitlater - so i can read any article offline
Newsrob - for google reader integration
CoPilot - for gps navigation
Ewallet viewer -for pws (from winphone)
Pocket - for pws
Xe currency
HeyTell - for leaving voice messages to friends
Weather Bug - for weather updates
Wapedia - wikipedia
Titanium backup - to backup all my data

And games like:
Angry birds
Cut the rope
Coin Pirates

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch (gingerbread 2.3.3)

Why root? So you can better control your phone. You can make backups of your ROM and install 3rd party apps such as Titanium backup and Market Enabler.

If your having a hard time rooting your galaxy tab just follow these steps:


Download all necessary files. Its all in there. If you have used kies, dont download samsung usb driver anymore.

How to put your galaxy tab in download mode? Easy turn it off. Turn it on while holding the DOWN VOLUME BUTTON.

Good luck and dont blame me if you get it wrong!

Google Maps offline mode on Anroid!

My galaxy tab 7" just got a tad more useful. Navigation on Google Maps on offline mode (which means that I dont use data hence no charges) is now available!

Here is a brief tutorial on how you can make it work on your phone. My galaxy tab is on gingerbread (2.3.3) but as long as you have google maps version 5.7.0 this will work for you.... again as long as your phone has GPS.

1) turn on Maps on your phone or tablet

2) search for a place you want to go to. say its subic, for a brief r&r. lets search for subic yatch club.

3)click on Subic Yatch Club icon, press menu on your phone and choose Download map area

4) it will save 10miles around subic yatch club.

5) you are done! now you can just turn on GPS and you will see yourself on the map even without a data connection! Cool isnt it?! As you can see from the screen capture, I dont have wifi on yet i have the subic map!

PS. its a good idea to add to favorites spots you always go to so you wont need to search for it again.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Samsung galaxy tab av cable

Well I just got my galaxy tab av cable from the mail. First impression is that it simply works. You attach it to your tab, attach it to the tv and viola your screen is now projected on to the tv! Quite neat for sharing video files and pictures to friends and family.

I also upgraded to gingerbread or 2.3.3 and I have seen a mark improvement from the tab. For one, it does not hang as often as before. Battery life also improved. And everything is a bit tad faster. One program I saw that significantly improved is the CamScanner. Before picture preview was just a black screen but now you can see the picture before accepting it to be saved.

All in all im reakky enjoying the tab. As a ebook reader, for internet surfing, watching some movies and taking HD videos of my son. So far this is the best gadget I have laid my hands on and I swear I dont ever out it down!

So if you want a tablet, I say get this one.

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Update on 2010 Lim Family Fantasy Basketball

What can I say Im out of the finals. Miss it by just a hair. I finished the regular season ranked #1 but got kicked in the ass by Ahiya Itchie on our final four matchup. But looking at the draft rank, I did not do so bad. I picked 8th while Ahiya Itchie picked 2nd. On the other matchup, TJ picked first and Chris picked 7th and was on autopick. All in all I think the master of all is Chris. He is now on the finals vs Ahiya Itchie while he picked 7th of all and was on auto pick! Galeng.

I hope to do better next season. 1st after reg season then booted on the semi final round. FAIL. Hehe.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab


Im so happy Im now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ive been craving for this device for such a long time now. And because the price of this device suddenly dropped, it became gettable. Hehehe. Im writing this blog thru the tab. All expectations met. Im really loving the size of the screen. Looking at my tweeter timeline with the huge screen has become very pleasant. Astig talaga. One downside though is I expect a better battery life than what I am getting. Ive been using the tab the whole day and the batt is now 35%. Not bad really but I expect more juice honestly. I think I have to tweak some of my settings get a more decent battery life.

Thats all for now. Pics and more about the galaxy tab in the upcoming days.