Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Angkong.

Last Nov 20, 2008 my angkong grandad died at the ripe age of 90. Though all of us knew about it, it still came unexpectedly. Death is reallly something you can't really accept. Sorry for being incoherent but that's what I feel inside. Happy because my angkong is now in heaven with God but sad because we shall never see him again. He is the HEAD of the LIM Family, with him gone its like we are all at a lost. Sayang at hindi pa niya naabutan ang kanyang pinakabagong apo. Hay... We love you Angkong. You will always be in our hearts. Hope that I can make you proud someday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LIMFAMILY League Update

Entering Our 2nd week I finally one a H2H match. Got a record of 5-4 so my overall record is now 9-9. Glad I got a win already because last season I did not win a matchup till the 2nd round! Need assists and steals right now for my team to really compete. Anyone of my cousins up for a trade? Hehe.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

NBA Yahoo Fantasy Basketball

Finally our Cousin League have began last week. I'll put my lineup here next time. To cut it short for now, I lost my first Head2Head match by one point. My record now is 4-5. Actually all the Head2Head matches on our leauge finished with identical records for the winners(5-4)and the losers (4-5). Pretty competitive league to me. I hope I win this coming week. More updates in the future.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Chinese General Hospitl--- Hospital FROM HELL

Please if you are going to be confined in a Hospital, dont ever make it Chinese General Hospital.

My Angkong (Grand dad father side) was confined there for almost two weeks. What we experienced from going there and visiting our Angkong was pure HELL. The nursing staff were all rude and not helpfull. Please dont enter this noble profession kung pera lang habol mo! They treated our Angkong like he was not a person in need of caring but a person that they need to "fix" so that they can get their next paycheck. Because of their lack of human respect for my Angkong the family decided to get a private nurse. But once we did this they stopped doing their job and instead made our private nurse do their JOB. What the F*kc!? She is our nurse not YOURS!
Billing out was the worst thing. Its like they dont want you to leave. Checkout was 12pm, my Aunt go to the cashier around 12:15pm because our attending doctor, who had to sign my Angkong's release got in the hospital from hell late. They billed us for another day! 15mins late and they bill you for another days stay? Thats 4 thousand pesos down their filthy pockets! And not only that. They made us wait for our bill for 3 hours. POTA we are paying, we are not a charity case and you make us wait for 3 freaking hours? IF they treat their paying customers this way imagine how they treat the less fortunate.
Then there was the blood test incindent. My Ankong needed blood. So ofcourse the best thing to do was that one of us to donate. We sent them 6 of us and ALL of them got rejected. But all of them have previously donated blood before. As one of my cousin reasoned out to the staff... " BAt ako rejected e nakapagdonate naman na ako dati sa Cardinal Santos?" The staff said without batting an eyelash " E di dun ka magdonate." Is this a correct answer of a service oriented employee? Dont management atleast try to teach their staff some good manners and people skills? Bottomline, they dont want our blood, they want our money.
So if ever you need to go to a hospital DONT LET IT BE CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL. My family have stayed longer in a Hospital before namely Cardinal Santos Hospital and we never ever got treated this way.
So to the management and staff and the security guards and nurses there in CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL, I only have one advice for you all: IF you ever get sick and need medical attention, give yourself some respect and DONT confine yourself there. You might want to punch and kick yourself.