Saturday, June 30, 2007

My mini-psp game reviews


You really need to use the brain on this one. You need to play the tutorials first or else you wont get nowhere. Its one of a kind game and i dont think there is a game like this out in the market. Very unique and im sure you'll waste tons of hours trying to figure out the puzzle/stages here. Its entitled crush because on a press of the R button the 3D world of the game becomes 2D. You really need to do this because on the 3D world there are concrete obstacles that vanishes when you "crush". I have played this game for about 7-8 hours already and im only on the second batch of puzzles! This game is worth hours of hours of gameplay if you dont get frustrated during the first hour of play.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Pimp my ride

Sorry for those who enjoyed this game but this is the worst ever game i have played on the psp. I did not reach the part of the game where you tend to pimp a ride because the controls on this game is ridiculous! Its a driving game at the start of the game and i cant control the damn car!!! I crash the car on fences, buildings and walls but amazingly my car is still on its prestine condition. No dents or scratch! Amazing! Then there is a part in the game that you need to impress the crowd (i dont know why you nedd to do this), but instead of driving a pimped out car you step out of the game and you need to let your character dance!!! What the hell is that!? A total waste of time! I just dont get it! A total waste of a good Title.

Rating: .01 out of 5 stars

Diner Dash

Well kung nakalaro na kayo nito sa pc e madali lang mag adapt sa game na ito. Masaya siya pangpalipas ng oras. Mahirap lang konti ang controls niya kasi and diner dash was made w/ mouse pointer na controls. Masmukang diner dash2 ito sa pc kesa sa diner dash. Napakasimple lang ng point ng game na ito. Waiter ka, so kelangan mo: iseat mga customer, bigyan sila ng menu, kunin, order nila, bigay sa cook yung order, bigay sa customer ang pagkain, kunin ang bill, linisin ang table, ang lagay sa lababo ang mga ginamit na plato. Napakasimple di ba? HINIDI! Kasi madaming mga customers, iba iba, may pamilya: dapat bigyan ng high chair kundi iyak ng iyak yung sangglo at maasar ang mga katabi ng pamilyang ito. Meron din bookworm: napakabagal kumilos!, Meron businesswoman: lahat naman mabilis para sa babae nato. Etc. Tapos minsan nagtatapon pa yung mga pamilya, so kelangan mo i-mop. Tapos minsan (pagmataas na level mo) may manghihingi na ng dessert and bread! Nakakapraning! Madali lang ang game pag normal pass lang ang gusto mo. Challenge pag gusto mo maging expert every level.

Rating:3.5 out of 5 stars

Free Running

Wala kang makikitang review para sa game na ito. Naghanap ako at wala akong makita. Ito lang masasabi ko: Napanood niyo ba yung pinakabagong James Bond? Di ba may chase scene yung sa umpisa ng palabas? May parang unggoy na tao na talon ng talon at nagcicircus habang tinatakasan si James Bond di ba? Kung gusto mo magfeeling na kaya mong gawin yan e ito ang game para sayo! Ganun ang gagawin mo sa game nato. Para itong Tony Hawk pero walang skateboard! Talon, talon, takbo, talon, kapit, akyat, sabit, etc. Yan ang gagawin mo sa game na ito. Pinakamaganda e talagang magtutorial ka muna: Once na mamaster mo na ang mga basic moves e talagang mageenjoy ka na sa game na ito. Hindi ito masyadong kilalang laro pero para sa akin sulit ang game na ito. Masmasarap siguro itong game na ito kung may kakarera ako thru had-oc!

Rating:4.25 out of 5 stars

Update on my upgrade of my PSP to 3.40OE

I used a quick installer i found on my suki site pinoypsp and here is the timetable of my recent firmware update of my PSP:

-download time of installer: 15-17 mins
-actual upgrade: 2-3mins

Thats it! amazing isnt it. Now i can play new games that were released june 2007 onwards.

The Great Battles of Rome game that made me update my firmware was unfortunately a let down. Its not a good game. A review of it will be read here in the future.

Smart bro working A-OK

Update on my previous post about Smartbro: The thing amazingly works perfectly! Ive had it for 3 days and no problem encountered so far. Plus, the guys who installed it were very courteous and professional. Ive downloaded 3 psp games so far had it on for almost three whole days. Kudos to Smartbro. I hope i dont get jinx for this.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Upgrading my PSP firmware to 3.40 OE-A

Hay buhay. Need to upgrade my custom firmware again. I downloaded an new game just an hour ago and it doesnt run with my current firmware anymore. My current firmware is 3.03OE-B, meaning i can run homebrew games and play games that need 3.03 firmware or lower. TAMA SONY! Tama na ang upgrade ng firmware! Leave us alone! Hehehe. Hope it works. Sige ooperahan ko muna ang psp ko. Update you guys later when I am done. Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another 10 hours of black out

I again suffered 10 hours of blackout here in the province. I just dont get it! Ang init. Its hard to close our store because of the absence of light. Its hard to count our daily sales. I think we need a generator here if we want to have an electronic cash register and to computerize our inventory system. Anyone want to donate a generator? Hehehe. Thats it for now.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updated pic of stimpy!

This is an updated pic of stimpy. He's here with me in the province because inday his "nanay" is due to have a baby (a real baby girl mind you) anytime soon. No one will take care of this little critter so he'll be with me muna. One problem though. Ginagarapata siya dito! Yuck. So he cannot go down to the store anymore. He shall be off-limits downstairs except to make pooopooo and weeeweeee. hehehe. ROCKS!

I have been playing this online game for about 2 months now and I just want to say that it R-O-C-K-S! Its a free online game ala counter strike! Its from abs-cbn interactive. Though the gameplay is not as smooth as counter-strike, as long as its free and with a hundred online buddies to play with, im not gonna complain. It has 3 kinds of combat systems. One is ala Counter-Strike, guns only. Second is mini-war map where you can ride motorcycles and hummers and steal flags from the other team. The third one is just like the 2nd map but with a way way bigger map, with tanks and more players! Anyway, I hope you CS fans out there try playing this online game and maybe we shall see each other in battle! My username there is acpone. Hope to see you guys there!

Smart Bro (ken)?!

Im getting smart bro wireless internet connection tomorrow. Its Smart Bro or Dialup connection so its a no brainer! I have been using dailup connection since i got here in the province... what 10 months more or less. And i cant take it any longer!!! Its too slow! I have DSL in manila so i really notice the difference! So I just hope that what i read on some chat rooms that Smart bro should be called Smart broken is not true. I have talked to atleast 3 people who has Smartbro and all of them are satisfied with the service. Cant wait to have a fast internet connection here in the province because Im always here. Ill update you guys on my smartbro in the coming days!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just a none-sense update

Hindi ba kayo naasar pag may nakita kayong nagpapagas na motor or owner type jeepney tapos habang nagpapakarga yung may-ari ng motor or jeepney e inaalog nila yung sasakyan nila? Pang-asar e... parang tinataktak yung gasolina. di ba nila alam na liquid yun e kahit anong alog ang gawin nila dun sa sasakyan e di naman masisiksik yun? Katalinuhan ng mga ibang tao talaga. Pang _ASAR. Yun lang muna.