Monday, October 15, 2012

Old School Vintage Car.

What kind of gasoline do you put on this one?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleepy Stranger

With mouth wide open!

Caught Beating the Red Light


Friday, October 05, 2012

Mangudadatu joins forces with Ampatuans this Election

Have you heard of this BS?! Last election, these families were killing each other, now after just an election cycle these people are running in one political party. I mean WTF!? What kind of politics do these people know? Have they forgotten that their families were killing each other an election ago?

Acts and actions like these make politics and politicians in our country a big joke. "Walang delikadeza, basta manalo" (No consicience as long as they get to hold on to their posts in government).

I hope both of these families LOSE this election but knowing how powerful these people are and how idiotic their constituents are, they will RUN and they will WIN and they will just kill each other again.

Thats Philippine politics for you folks. Lord have mercy on our country.

Cybercrime Law - a good law gone bad

Again this problem with the cybercrime law was courtesy of our Senator of the hour Tito Sotto. I mean libel is no longer a crime in many countries but our beloved Senator inserted it maybe because of the wraith he got from plagiarizing parts of his speeches last month. Maybe he wants to sue people who lambasted his plagiarizing ways. Thats what I conclude.
Only one Senator really read the provisions of the new cyber crime law before signing it. Kudos to Senator Guingona. This is how our Senators work. They sign somthing into law without reading it! Shame on all of us for voting these people in office.
But truthfully Im not that scared with this new law. Why? Because we are in the Philippines. I dont see our government enforcing this law, like the way they cant enforce any of our laws. That is why theres chaos in our street because our leaders cant enforce basic traffic laws. What more a "cyber" law at that!
But I do hope our leaders do remove that idiotic insertion.