Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dropbox - Everyone should have one

Have you heard of Dropbox? Well its an online "cloud" storage for your files. ANY file. Whats good about it is that when you install it on your laptop and your PC, for example, you can sync files from both computers by just drag and dropping files to the Dropbox folder. Isnt that neat??? You dont a flash drive to transfer files from one pc to another. Just drag, drop and its synced! Its that easy.

Another good thing is that you can retrieve any of your file from ANY computer by just logging on to the dropbox site and you have all your files stored there too!

The best thing about it is that its FREE. Yes you heard it right. FREE. You have 2gig for starters and you can increase it through a referral program up t0 10gig.

I want that free 10gig of storage so if you are interested, just use my referral link and start syncing and sharing your files!!!

PS. Dropbox also have mobile version for the Iphone and Anroid. So what are you waaitng for. The best solution for files syncing around. Trust me! I have used it personally and its cool!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Acer Aspire One Saga Continues

Hello world!

I just want to say that im done with Linux. You see I tried to use linux linpus the orig OS on my acer aspire one 8gig since the XP I installed before was grounding into a halt. It was good for basic use. I had office apps, skype, firefox, azureus, BUT that was it. What gave me the urge to install XP again was the sun broadband usb that I cant use with linux.

So yesterday night, I reinstalled Rons tiny xp which was configured for netbooks with small capacity. So here I am using XP again, and I have used my sun broadband usb! Though it was like dail up speed since there is no 3G here in the province.

I have started installing some basic programs into it. Like ofcoures firefox and some of its add ons, dropbox, etc.

Then I came up with an idea of just using portable version of some apps so that it wont eat up my very limited capacity on the AcerAspireOne. Here is what I have installed so far:
-clamwin (antivirus)
-miranda (multiple IM client)

Thats it for now. Im using these portable versions so that my netbook wont ground to a halt again.