Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Damn Detroit!

Meeeeeeeennnn... I cant believe it. The Detriot Pistons has once again dug a deep deep whole for themselves. They are down 3-1 versus the unbelievable Miami Heat. I thought the Pistons would get a pretty decent fight from the Heat but being beaten black and blue.... its bad. I just hope that they can win two more games so that this series can go to a game 7. In game 7s anything can happen. Well i just wanna congratulate Tiu for believing Heat can do it. I just hope that the Pistons alteast put up a good fight. Lets see where the ball rolls in Game 5. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Archos AV420

Well here it is. This is my new gadget. Its similar to the Archos Gmini400 but with these few cool additions:
-3.5 inch of screen, BIG, BIG BIG!
-Has replaceable batteries, got a spare one!
-Can record videos like a VCR (thats why its calles a PVR-Personal Video Recorder)
-Also has a compact flash slot but the only difference now is that i have this converter that make it possible for me to copy a mmc, sd, sony memory stick contents right into my archos w/o a use of a computer.
-Also got an orig leather case that i can use as a stand
But ofcourse there are also negative things like:
-Its bigger -not that pocketable anymore but you can still carry it around.
-The cardle has soooo many wires. Not for the faint or heart. If you're not techy you'll be overwhelmed.
Well overall i'll say its way better!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

IPOD 4rth Gen for Sale!

Im selling a second hand IPOD-fourth generation-clickwheel-20gig. Its lea's and she is letting me sell it for her. Its still cosmetically great. Battery life is still great. There are also a free crystal case and free armband carrying case included. Price is 10,500 but thats still negotiable. Just contact me if you are interested. Nga pala comes with the box, manual, charger, etc. Complete.

Gadget Geeks

Here is the pic of the kiosk of my friends in 3rd floor Vmall in greenhills. They are situated directly outside of Odessy. Ano pa hinihintay niyo, bili na!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Another gadget coming... And a pic

Well i have another gadget coming. I hope it goes as plan. I dont want to jinx it right now so i wont reveal first what the hell it is.

Also i just want to congratulate Bny and Yap for the opening of their store in v-mall. Its called GadgetGeeks. So if anyone of you wants accesories for your IPOD or PSP. Gadget Geeks is the place to go! They are located in VMall third floor.