Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Atleast I know im reading it.

Well it has been weeks. yes weeks since my last post. im just enjoying myself here, back in manila, back with my love, back with my siblings, back with my friends, back to civilization baby. hehehe. i miss the drinking good old times with my homies. you know who you guys are. im starting to feel a bit sad because in a few days ill be back again in the province working-- but not playing. haha. well thats life.
It just got me thinking. what if i didnt pursue what im doing know. where the heck would i be and what the hell would i be doing? one things for sure. id be working within the family business but will i be enjoying the work? im not saying that i dont enjoy my life at it is. but there were mistakes really and there were mistakes there that i wish i never did. but that is that. i did the booboo i lived to blog about it.
The fun in blogging is really personal. well atleast for me. i dont care if no body reads this cause i know someone already had. me. and i enjoyed it. i really wana post a pic of my dog but im too damn lazy. laziness kills and makes ones blog boring. hehe.
Hope everything turns out well for my family. we are in a crossroads in terms of our businesses and i hope every each and one of us gets through this unscathed.
If not for a friends party this coming thursday id be on my way to the povince. but i dont want to miss that paaaarteyyyy. so work in the province should have to wait.
I have been downloading a lot lately because i miss the internet speed that ive been getting here in manila. hope i get the dough im waiting for so i can upgrade my internet access on the province. its insanely slow. well atleast there is a connection.
Thats all i have to say. really.

Friday, November 03, 2006


Havent posted for a very long time due to work. Well this is what i do. This is the thing that I am here in the province. Cant say more. Ill just blog it some other time. Laziness has suddenly hit me. Atleast, nakapagupdate. Hehe. See ya.