Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3RL on my xbox 360 -WTF!!!!!!!!!

Last week my beloved xbox 360 got the dreaded 3RL of death. Its already a falcon unit and still it got 3RLd. F*ck! My xbox 360 is only a year old. Damn microsoft! Well got mine modified maybe thats a cause. But while i was getting my 360 fixed, I met someone there who did not got his 360 modified but still it got 3RLd. So I think its in the unit itself. I got a ps2 and used it for 4 years and when i sold it, it was still working great. The news around greenhills is that the new jasper units are 3RL free already. Is this true? They said this also about falcon units but mine still got fried. Well, I got it fixed for 2k and they tell me that it will only last for about 4 months. Shit. "May taning na ang buhay ng 360 ko".

The question now is what gaming console to buy next? Shift to PS3 or pray that the xbox 360 jasper units wisthand the 3RL bug? Lets wait and see.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Recovering from Dengue

Hi guys. Have not posted for the longest time because last week I got dengue. I got hospitalized and got a blood transfusion. I cant say Im 100% back but im getting there. I thank my siblings for taking good care of me. I specially want to say a big big big thanks to my wife for staying with me in the hospital and taking very very good care of me. Ill post regularly again soon. Im glad im back!