Sunday, April 06, 2008

Globe Mobile Internet: Php5 for 15 mins - Finally

Globe Telecom has been charging users Php0.15 per kb for surfing via 3G/HSDPA/GPRS using Globe Pre-Paid and Post Paid plans (other than Globe Visibility plans). Smart Communications has been charging Php10 for 30 minutes for its 3G/GPRS service.

Globe Telecom will now allow users to have two surfing options:

Surf the Way You Want To

You can now choose how you are charged when you surf the net on your phone be it by KB (kilobyte) or by TIME (per minute).

  • KB Browsing Rate
    This kind of charging is best for info-based browsing like browsing for the latest news or movie schedules, searching online dictionaries and checking sports stats. Since you are charged only P0.15/kb, a search for the definition to a puzzling word would only cost P2.30 while checking that movie schedule would only cost about

  • Time Browsing Rate
    This charging scheme is best used for multimedia-based activities like sending and receiving files through email or even viewing pictures and videos. All these are done more affordably when you use Time Charging at P5 for 15minutes.
Getting Your Feet Wet

Thankfully surfing the web on your phone is way easier than catching the perfect wave and hanging ten. Globe Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers are by default on the KB Charging scheme. If you want to try out Globe's new TIME charging scheme, all you need to do is to text TIME to 1111 for free!

To shift back to KB Browsing: text KB.
To check the charging scheme that currently applies to your account: text STATUS. Send the keyword to 1111 for free.

The Php5 per 15 minute scheme works like Smarts Php10 for 30 minutes charging. Except that with Smart if you are disconnected, you can reconnect and continue to use the remainder of the 30 mins. With the Globe scheme, if you are disconnected, reconnecting will apparently cost you another Php5 even if you had some time less on your 15 minute block.

*Time Browsing Rate is open to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid Consumer Accounts, SME and Corporate accounts. Not applicable to subscribers on Data Plans (i.e. Visibility). Time Browsing rate effective upon receipt of text confirmation. Succeeding connections will be charged P5 for 15 minutes. If disconnected within the 15 minutes, reconnection will be considered a new session charged at P5. No refund will be made if disconnected before the 15mins are up. Applicable to browsing within the Philippines only.