Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Butas ata Bubong natin!

My mom arrived this morning from manila where she stayed for a week to rest. With her is her dog pitbull named Ambo. Our helper named Tom Jones (T-bird siya) tied Ambo on our 2nd floor balcony. AND I just want to mention that the floor of this balcony is made out of wood. Jump to 3 hours after... Tom Jones was walking to our dining room on the ground floor when she suddenly felt something dripping on her for head. She was astonished that she was getting wet and she immediately assumed that "may butas daw yung bubong namin". She called another of our helpers and their conversation sort of went like this:

TomJones: Ano ba to nababasa ako dito o. May butas ata yung bubong e.

Helper#2: Wala naman butas yung bubong natin dyan a. Tsaka ngayon lang nagkatulo yung bubong dyan.

TomJones: Pero sigurado ako may tulo e. Tingnan mo hanggang ngayon meron pa. Tinamaan pa nga ako sa bunbunan niyan e. O tingnan mo yung kamay ko nababasa pa rin.

Helper#2: Oo nga no. San ba nanggagaling yon?

Both of them looked up and TADA!!!!

Ambo was pissing directly above them and his piss was penetrating the balcony's wooden floor.

Moral of the story: Don't assume its only rain water.

Positive thing about it: At least its only urine and Ambo was not suffering from LBM.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Uploading Video Problem

I cant seem to upload any videos in multiply lately. What the FFFFF!

Portable DVD player

Got this for less than 6000 bucks. Look at the specs and you will see that its a pretty good buy.

Home-made Lamp

Nag-ala Mcgyver na naman ako. Made this night lamp myself. Ugly but does the job.

PSP Movie Dock

Got this thing for 500bucks. It can charge your psp, it has remote, and it has decent speakers. All in all a pretty good buy.

Archos AV420 Live Again.

From my previous blog entry you can see that the hd of my archos died on me. Well, i am proud to say that i have fixed it myself and it is working... Better than before! Wuhoo! I bought a new hd form ebay and waited for about 10 days for it to arrive. When it got here i immediately went to work. I found a website that had a simple instruction on how to replace the hd and dismantled it immediately. Unscrewed all the screws and tried to detach the old hd but there was something holding it in place. Went to the website again and I found out that there were two screws on the flip side of the board, its on the back of the LCD. So I moved the LCD a little bit and unscrewed it. Then installed the new hd. Because of the excitement of it all, I tried to put it all back immediately. Boy, was I wrong! It wasnt that easy! I cant seem to close the case tightly. After 3-4 tries of detaching and attaching everything all over again, I found out that I hadnt screwed the hd on tight enough. So after more or less 2hours (which I thought would take me 30mins max!), I had put everything back! Turned it on, and....wuhooooo! Its working again! I just had to reformat the HD so I can get all the appropriate folders in place. It was better than before because of a techy bit that is too hard to explain here.