Sunday, April 03, 2011

Update on 2010 Lim Family Fantasy Basketball

What can I say Im out of the finals. Miss it by just a hair. I finished the regular season ranked #1 but got kicked in the ass by Ahiya Itchie on our final four matchup. But looking at the draft rank, I did not do so bad. I picked 8th while Ahiya Itchie picked 2nd. On the other matchup, TJ picked first and Chris picked 7th and was on autopick. All in all I think the master of all is Chris. He is now on the finals vs Ahiya Itchie while he picked 7th of all and was on auto pick! Galeng.

I hope to do better next season. 1st after reg season then booted on the semi final round. FAIL. Hehe.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab


Im so happy Im now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ive been craving for this device for such a long time now. And because the price of this device suddenly dropped, it became gettable. Hehehe. Im writing this blog thru the tab. All expectations met. Im really loving the size of the screen. Looking at my tweeter timeline with the huge screen has become very pleasant. Astig talaga. One downside though is I expect a better battery life than what I am getting. Ive been using the tab the whole day and the batt is now 35%. Not bad really but I expect more juice honestly. I think I have to tweak some of my settings get a more decent battery life.

Thats all for now. Pics and more about the galaxy tab in the upcoming days.