Monday, March 20, 2006

Cant view my own blog...

Whats happening? I cant view my own blog?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tarantula Anyone?

Well i was browsing for anything useful and i came across thos ad selling tarantulas. Hehehe. I was intruiged so i texted the seller and asked how to take care of the big ass spider. he told me it was just easy. Just a small aquarium, a dish to hold water and some soil on it because the tarantula he was selling is a burrowing type. Anyway it was a Blue Cobalt Tarantula (inset). Then he told me that i just need to feed the critter twice a week. So because of his reply i really got interested. I asked for the price, ( the price posted was 2000) and he told me 1800 nalang daw. I told him ill just text him if i was really decided already. He said ok and that was that. Because I was really curious i browsed on the internet on how to take care of the tarantula, whats its temperment and the like. I found out that the said species is agreesive and is recomended only for expirience breeders. I also learned that if you drop these things, for example on the table down to the floor they will die within a week or so. Sensitive pala. But that wont be a problem cause i dont plan on handling the thing. Hehe. So now im undecided. Should i buy the critter or not?

The 4400

Men men men, i had just finished watching the 4400 season 2 and the only thing i could say is a am hoooooked. I dont want to say anything that might spoil anyone who hasnt watched it yets party but I do want to say that eason 3 looks exciting as hell! All the sneak previews that was left in the end of seanson 2 wants me to watch the upcoming season ASAP! But I dont think season 3 is downloadable now So now im off to crooked cops tale in the shield season 5! Just downloaded 8 episodes so far...looking to download the rest when i go back to DSL land!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cowon A2

Well I am an owner of a pvp (personal video player), the archos gmini 400. Well ive been using it for quite a while now and all i can say is that i am really satisfied with it. But because im only human you cant blame me for wanting more. Hehehehe.
Well the specs for my gmini400 are (ive made it simple so average joes can understand):
-2.5" screen
-20 gig capacity
-can play videos but i need to convert it to a specific avi format which the player can read
-can play mp3 and wma
-can view pictures from it
-you can attach this to the tv and watch your movies from the tv screen
-4+ hours of videos with the use of the battery
-9+hours for music

Well here naman are the specs of the COWON A2: (grabe ang lupit nito)
-4" screen
-20 gig and a 30 gig is also available
-can play videos you download from the net directly with out conversion because it already has a built in codec inside (will definitely shorten my the video-download-put-in-the-device-process)
-can play mp3 and wma and others thats not that important
-can view pictures on it
-fm radio
-has voice and fm recording function
-can be attach to the tv for viewing and NOTE THIS: record directly from TV. Wooouw
-10 hours for video playback
-18 hours for music playback
-has external speakers
-and carrying case that comes with the package.

Here is a pic of the cowon a2

And the good thing is its not that expensive the 20 gig cost around $340 and the 30 gig cost around $390. The bad thins is its only available internationally. So if anyone of you are going to the US. Please by me one! Babayaran ko kayo pagbalik niyo peksman!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cute Little Birds

Well one or our helpers found these baby birds on a nest a couple of days ago. What we did first was to put them on a cage. But we realized that the mother of the birds was still looking for its babies. So what we did was we transferred the baby birds in this open cage and we put it near the plant where our helper found the nest. Amazingly the mother bird did not mind the small change of place, it went on feeding the small baby birds, even right in front of our eyes. Its really cool! Hehe. Here directly at the back of the plastic cage was the plant where our helper found the two baby birds.

16 blocks

Yesterday my girlfriend and i decided to watch a movie to let time pass. We decided on watching Last Holiday but unfortunately, we were late for its screening so we decided to watch 16 blocks instead. At first i thought it woul d be just a typical Bruce Willis movie, gunfire and dead bodies everywhere ala Die Hard. But i was mistaken. The movie was better than expected. There was a story and it was entertaining enough that my girlfriend stayed awake the whole movie! She usually doze off when we watch this typical action films. Hehe. Well i recommend you watch this movie if you dont have anymore movies to watch. P.S. Side note Dont watch the Date Movie thing: acccording to my brother its full of crap. Di pa nakakatawa.
I give this 16 blocks 4 out or 5 stars for entertainment value. I am not an expert I just base my rating of personal taste.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Got this speaker for my Archos. Well I say its doing its job! No batterries required! Kewl.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Gigantic Turon!

I wanted mirienda this aternoon and i told my driver and manager in one to buy me turon. And when he came back.... WUUUUUOOOOOOW what a gigantic turon. And this one only cost me 15 bucks. Hehehe. I did not finish it and laki naman kasi e! Look at the size of this sh!t compared to my cellphone! hahaha. And its damn heavy.

Anyway, i also visited my friend anna's multiply and got this favorite picture of mine of the birthday celeb of shoty and kaye. Thanks guys! Guess why i like this. Its because of the monay! hindi pandesal. Hekhek. And hindi ko na to matandaan.