Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sari-saring Kuro-kuro #1

Since I dont have time to post much... I will try to make my posts longer so I can write about anything and everything I think is relevant in my daily life right now.

Well, one good thing going for me and my family is that we are going to start a new school next school year (cross-fingers). I dont want to jinx it or anything like that so ill just tell it in detail when it is 100% sure, and is up and running already. If you have a child aged 2-4 you may want them to go to our school. The name is Caterpillar School and if you leave in San Juan City then the school will be familiar to you.

On the techie side of thins, im planning to buy a dual qwerty phone because my dual phone right now has a crack on its screen, making it hard for me to read my messages. Im eyeing a Myphone Q22 or a Cherry Mobile qwerty dual sim. Yes in know its now a known brand but i want the convinience of having just one phone for my globe and my sun. So if you are a seller of MyPhone and Cherry Mobile you may want to contact me and I may buy one from you.

Im getting tired of my Nokia n800 Internet Tablet so im selling it and posting to some of the local selling sites if time permits. Now that i have my aspire one back again (I lent it to my mom) I dont have much use for my n800 anymore. If you are familiar with the N800 NIT and you want to own one, you may want to contact me. (Feb 24, 2010 time of writing). I also bought a 9-cell battery on ebay that will let my AspireOne run at around 12hours (quoted) so im pretty thrilled. I will post here if it meets expectations.

I was also planning to buy a Creative Vado HD, I did bid on it on ebay but I lost the last minute (thank you God, or i may have regret the impulse buy). But as of looking at the gadgets that i have right now, specifically my Sanyo Xacti C1 (its not HD but I dont need HD cause I just plan to use it to post my sons videos on Youtube), I realized that I dont really need it. Maybe Ill just ask my cousin if she wants me to buy one for her as she is the one who tickled my curiosity when she said she need a portable video camera (she did mention another brand but i think the creative vado HDis far superior).

My dream phone is still the n900 but i dont have the budget to splurdge riht now so the n900 will still remain a dream for now. LOL.

On the political side of things, the election fever is getting hotter and hotter. Im still team NoyNoy Aquino because I think he is the most competent of all the people running. The number one quality Im looking for is the one who I think love the county. That is what is lacking from all the presidentiable out there. If one loves his/her country.. "kung magnanakaw man siya" (which is almost certain) he/she will not be so selfish like GMA.

Talking about GMA, I cant believe that our supreme court upheld that she can run for congress. That is BS right from the very start. Well I dont mind her running after her presidency but not right after. Campaigning while she is the President of the land is disadvantagous and very dangerous. She can pour all the budget to the district she is running in, like what she is doing discreetly now. But it can intesify into a full blown BS when the campaigning fever starts for congress.

I still believe that this upcoming election can be successful and historical for everyone of us. BUT we must be vigilant. This talk about prolonged blackouts in Mindanao smell like and feels like shit. We all know how GMA cheated his way into her 2nd presidency via the Ampatuans in Mindanao, so please please lets us all be watchfull on what will happen in Mindanao this coming elections. The news about Comelec printing 2 million ballots with NO security seals should ring alarm bells for all of us.

I cannot end this very long posts withour mentioning my son. LOL. He is very smart and as of yesterday, my wife told me that he has learned 2 new tricks!

See you all again next time! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hello to the New Year

Ang tagal ko na hindi nagblog a. Hahahaha. Tamad e.

Anyways, Braeden is now 9months. He is a super energetic baby! Grabe, kakapagod siyang bantayan. Nakakamatay sa likot ang anak ko! Buti nalang may yaya kami, kung di matagal na akong inatake sa puso! Hahaha.

Anyways, on my nba fantasy leagues, Im sitting 1st in one, (thanks!) and fourth in another. Pretty good since I only started playing 3 years ago, and that time I am always at the bottom of the standings.

Again, Ill try to writhe something here, once a week just to make this blog-- atleast updated.

Kadiri lang talaga yung mga senators and congressmen natin. Kaka-asar. Why do we keep voting for these kinds of douchbags?