Monday, August 13, 2007

A Tale of Two Devices

This is a story about my two devices. One is may blackberry phone and the other is my archos personal video player and recorder. One of them showed extra ordinary durability and strength while the other one just died on me with no apparent reason. Let's start with the former.

Last thursday, I accidentally soaked my blackberry foam in C2 lemon. Well it was not totally submerged, I just accidentally dropped my phone inside a plastic bag that contained a C2 bottle that had a loose cap. So by the time I found the phone it was totally wet and the buttons were not working anymore. I shut it off immediately and started whipping it with my shirt. I placed it infront of the electric fan to dry it. After an hour I tried placing the battery again and it won't turn on! I thought it was the end for my cellphone. I just placed it on my side table and decided to bring it to greenhills the next day. When I woke up next morning, the first thing I did was to try it again... Lo and behold it lives again! Though the button were sticky it was working a-ok! I was really amaze, I thought it was goodbye blackberry.

Then last weekend while I was about to transfer my first five episodes of Entourage season 4 on my archos it suddenly died. I cant access the hard drive of my archos. It takes around 10mins for me to open my archos up (when it was ok it just took a second) and see the files inside. What worse is I cant add any files to my archos anymore. SHYEEEEEEET. I looked around the net and found that I can replace the hard disk of my archos but the problem is I cant find anyone locally. So ill be posting a picture of the hard disk and please help me find one.

So that’s the darn story. The thing that I bought for 3500 was far more durable than the one that I bought for 15k. Well that’s life. Planning to just buy a portable dvd para tipid. Hehe.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

WOW Galing ng PINOY

Just finished watching IKON ASEAN an international singing contest. And both Philippine representatives won it. Vina Morales and the band Kjwan. And this morning 5 out of the 6 boxers won their fights in the boxing world cup. Galing. Its good to be a Filipino today. hehehe.