Thursday, October 01, 2015 experience

I bought a HDMI to RCA cable on in Ortigas Ave last August 2015, unfortunately what I got was a HDMI to RGV cable. So I went back there today to have it replaced.

The first lady who was manning the electronics etc section was not helpful at all. She keeps on insisting that the 7 day replacement was over and she cannot replace my item. But I insisted that what they gave me was a HDMI to RGV cable, not the one described in my receipt. She keeps on insisting that she cannot replace it and I am stuck with the item but I told her that I was not there to have the item refunded or replaced, I just want them to give me the item I paid for and was on my receipt, a HDMI to RCA cable. I told her it was NOT MY FAULT that they misdescribed the item they were selling.

To make the long story short, I asked to speak to a manager and fortunately, the manager understood my plight. It was not my fault they do not know what product they where selling. I just wanted to get what I had paid for.

Since they do not have a real HDMI to RCA cable, they offered me to just change my item, which I accepted.

So kudos to the manager and a big booo to the sales lady who does not know how to speak to a customer like me.

The lesson here is to keep your receipt and to insist on your right as a consumer. If my receipt clearly states that I got a HDMI to RGV cable, I wouldn't contest it. And I wouldn't even buy it in the first place.

So the thank you for having an understanding manager. Sorry I did not get his name. But the salesperson he assigned to me was very helpful.Thank you Lovely. You still manage to keep me as a customer.

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